K-Pop Fans Voice Concerns Over The Huge Platform Shoes And High-Heels Female Idols Are Given To Perform In

K-Pop Fans Voice Concerns Over The Huge Platform Shoes And High-Heels Female Idols Are Given To Perform In

How do they even move in them, let alone dance??

Most K-Pop choreographies these days seem pretty challenging on their own, even with the optimal attire and environment for dancing. And while many K-Pop idols still look effortlessly flawless when they perform in high heels or thick platform shoes, a recent performance by NMIXX has fans concerned that some footwear has become a little too extreme.

For the group’s performance of their new song, “DICE”, on M Countdown on September 22, all of the members of NMIXX wore huge platform boots with extremely thick soles. The exception was Lily, who seemed to have even more difficult shoes to dance in with less support and a separate heel that seemed to be asking for a twisted ankle.

Lily’s shoes for the “DICE” performance

Of course, despite this challenging footwear, the members did a phenomenal job for the performance, making it easy to forget what kind of shoes they were wearing. But it still raised concerns among fans on Reddit, who recently had a conversation voicing their worries for NMIXX and other K-Pop idols that wear these kinds of shoes.

Another example mentioned was Kwon Eunbi for a “Glitch” performance earlier in September. Not only were the shoes she was given to dance in extremely tall and clunky, but they appeared too large for her too, leading to her actually (and understandably) visibly struggling in them.

One final example given was a performance by EVERGLOW‘s E:U back in 2019 of the group’s song “ADIOS”. They look potentially like the most difficult shoes to dance in out of all of those mentioned, and while E:U still looked great, it seems like it was an unnecessary risk.

Sprained ankles were a top concern among fans in the comments of the Reddit post, as well as, for NMIXX’s “DICE” choreography in particular, the possibility of seriously hurting their knees.

Others discussed that while there is a time and place to use heels for dancing, it’s not always the best idea to use them for certain K-Pop choreographies.

We hope that all the idols mentioned above managed to leave their performances unscathed, and that hopefully this is something stylists start taking more consideration of!

Source: Koreaboo