Top K-Pop Artists of 2021 According to Industry Experts

Top K-Pop Artists of 2021 According to Industry Experts

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Industry professionals determined the top K-pop songs of 2021 through a survey conducted by South Korean media outlet Joy News 24. BTS, IU, and More: These are the Top K-Pop Artists of 2021, According to Industry Experts

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South Korean media outlet Joy News 24 conducted a survey concerning K-drama, K-movies, actors, singers, and entertainment programs that succeeded in 2021 to celebrate their 17th anniversary. The survey was held from October 12 to 19.

Two hundred industry experts, including employees of entertainment companies and broadcast companies, film and broadcast content producers, and entertainment reporters, participated.

BTS Named 'The Best Singer of Year' by Industry Professionals

BTS ranked at number with an overwhelming amount of votes. Out of the 200 responses gathered, BTS received 152 votes, earning the title of "best singer."


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BTS has solidified themselves as global superstars in 2021. This year, BTS dominated the Billboard charts and was even nominated for a Grammy Award, firmly establishing themselves in the mainstream American market. Despite their world tour being canceled this year due to COVID-19, BTS continued to expand their reach in the global music market.

In November, it was announced that BTS would resume their offline concerts in the United States.

IU Selected as the Top K-Pop Soloist in 2021 by Industry Professionals

IU came in second place with 14 votes. 2021 marks IU's 14th year since her debut and is the year she turns 29 years old (Korean age). This year, IU released a new album, "LILAC," and drew attention for her musical narrative. "LILAC" was an album covering IU's twenties and how she is closing that chapter of her life.


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Her most recent release, "Strawberry Moon," also exceeded the public's expectations. IU proved her confidence as a musician by taking over the music charts despite releasing her song at noon KST, which is not included in tracking for charts.

aespa is the Most Popular Girl Group in 2021, According to Industry Professionals

SM Entertainment's rookie group aespa ranked in third place with 12 votes, reaffirming that they are monster rookies and the top trending girl group of the fourth generation. aespa, who debuted in November of 2020, has become a group leading the Hallyu wave in less than a year.


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The girl group showed off their unique color with "Next Level" and "Savage," which showcased their unique worldview and their ae members. "Next Level," which was released in May, is still ranking high in the charts. "Savage" was also a massive hit, selling more than 500,000 copies and entering the Billboard 200.

These are the Top K-Pop Artists of 2021, According to Industry Experts

1. BTS

2. IU

3. aespa

4. Lim Young Woong

5. NCT

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6. Lee Moo Jin

7. Jeon Somi

8. Baek Yerin

9. Stray Kids

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11. AKMU


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