K-Hip Hop Artists And K-Pop Groups We'd Love To See Collaborate

K-Hip Hop Artists And K-Pop Groups We'd Love To See Collaborate

In the Korean music industry, it is quite common to see producers and soloists collaborating with K-Pop groups.

While there rarely are any collaborations between the groups themselves, there's no dearth of new music coming from the coolest of artists collaborating. K-Hip Hop is the pride and joy of the Korean music industry, even though it isn't quite in the mainstream yet when it comes to a global scale. However, Korean hip-hop has a distinct taste that is hard to imitate.

Here are 6 Korean hip-hop artists we'd like to see collaborate with these 5 K-Pop groups!

1. EXO and Punchnello

EXO has a distinctive pop rock sound that is inimitable to say the least. At the same time, Punchnello is also one of a kind with a flair for songwriting, singing, producing, rapping, composing and more. These two would be amazing together, especially since they're powerhouses by themselves.


ASTRO's light-hearted and summery concept would go well with ZICO's carefree vibe. With both these artists' ability to churn out hits after hits with every song being hailed as a bop, an ASTRO X ZICO collaboration would quite literally shake the industry.

3. MAMAMOO and Yoon MiRae

MAMAMOO stands in as the strong female representational group in the K-Pop industry that has been much-needed for a very long time. The group's music focuses on the strength of women, their varied charms, and so on and so forth. Above all, it preaches girl power. Yoon MiRae, one of the best rappers in the industry, is also an advocate for the same. This collaboration would be too powerful but it is needed nonetheless.

4. iKON and BewhY

Without a doubt, when it comes to hip-hop in K-Pop, iKON is unbeatable. With some of the best artists in the industry forming the group, there's a reason why iKON will always be revered. At the same time, BewhY is quite possibly the fastest rapper in the Korean music industry with a gift for lyricism. We can't help but wonder what a collaboration between them would be like.


TWICE has been changing up their aesthetic and sound recently, leaning towards a more mature transformation of their artists. BIBI is an up and coming hip-hop artist who has already garnered incredible reviews for her musicality. A collaboration between them would simply become 'Song Of The Year' as soon as it is dropped, no questions asked.

6. NCT and DPR

NCT is home to multiple subunits and artists and is a melting pot of talent from all over the world. The group has a unique concept and musical style which is reflected in their overall presentation. Similarly, DPR houses some amazing artists such as DPR +IAN, DPR Live, DPR Rem and DPR Cream who work together and also simultaneously maintain their solo careers. A collaboration between NCT and DPR seems too good to be true and we hope it becomes reality one day!

Source: kpopmap