JYP's New Girl Group NMIXX Makes Surprise Appearance On A YouTube Live Ahead Of Their Debut

JYP's New Girl Group NMIXX Makes Surprise Appearance On A YouTube Live  Ahead Of Their Debut

NMIXX increased the anticipation as they teased their appearance on the popular variety show 'Weekly Idol.'

The YouTube channel All THE K-POP started a sudden live broadcast on February 7 and posted the YouTube video titled, "Weekly Idol sudden live with NMIXX.'

In the video on this day, NMIXX radiated bright energy by greeting the camera with much gusto capturing viewers' attention. The members also had the time to greet themselves and share their MBTI's with their fans and viewers.

Member BAE went first and explained, "I am in charge of vocals and dance in the team, and my MBTI is ENFP. So I really like meeting people and I'm very energetic."

Next was Jiwoo, and she greeted, saying, "Hello, this is Jiwoo. I am in charge of rap, vocals, and dance. And my MBTI is ESFP. So I hear a lot that I'm bright. I love you."

Haewon went next and said, "I am Haewon, the leader of NMIXX and in charge of vocals. I feel like I should share my MBTI too so it's ESTP." Haewon answered more calmly than the other members who exuded much energy.

Jinni also explained she had the same MBTI as BAE and said, "I am Jinnie, in charge of vocals, dance, and rap. My MBTI is the same ENFP as BAE."
Kyujin said, "I am Kyujin who is in charge of rap, vocals, dance, and the Maknae. I'm a cute sneaky cat~" and showed off her charms as the youngest member of the group and made a cat pose.

Lily shared, "I am Lily, in charge of vocals and the oldest sister. Surprise~ a lot you were surprised right? My MBTI is ENFP. I have bright and good energy."

Then Sullyoon shared, "I am baby deer, baby rabbit Sullyoon, in charge of vocal and dance in NMIXX. My MBTI is the one and only ISFP in the team."

When MC Eunhyuk asked the group to give a snippet of the choreography of the new song that had been revealed, NMIXX showed a bit of the dance move. Lastly, MC Kwanghee and Eunhyuk asked the group, "We will end here by lastly sending hearts and winks to the fans."

Many viewers and fans were mesmerized by all the members of NMIXX even in the short clip and increased the anticipation of the new 'Weekly Idol' episode featuring the new girl group.

Meanwhile, the 'Weekly Idol' episode with NMIXX will air on February 23 at 7:30 PM KST on MBC M and at 12 AM on MBC Every1. NMIXX will be making their debut on February 22 with their debut single 'AD MARE.'

Source: Allkpop