Jungkook Occupies Top 3 Worldwide Trending Videos On YouTube

Jungkook Occupies Top 3 Worldwide Trending Videos On YouTube

Jungkook continues to reign all the charts and trends on social media and national TV news channels all over the world even after one week of his spectacular performance of 'Dreamers' in the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony.

Jungkook occupies all the Top 3 trending videos on YouTube worldwide, with his performance video by FIFA at #1, video by BANGTANTV at #2, and Dreamers Official Music Video at #3 on YouTube. His FIFA performance video is trending in a total of 77 countries and another one in 44 countries, showing off the huge impact. He tops YouTube trends notably in South Korea, Japan, the UK, Indonesia, and many more, while it trended at #2 in the USA.

Jungkook also occupies the Top 4 trending videos on YouTube in South Korea. Netizens also shared their surprise as it's probably the first time they saw an artist taking over the top 4 spots on the country's YouTube, proving his stronghold and power in his own country.

FIFA Performance videos of Jungkook also continue to take over the top 2 Japan YouTube trends. It crossed over 13,000,000 views in the first 24 hours.

Jungkook's FIFA Performance video also trends at #1 in the UK, Germany, Indonesia, and many countries.

Check out the below FIFA Performance Video of Dreamers by Jungkook.

Source: Allkpop