IVE’s Teaser for ‘ELEVEN’ Raises Comparison to BLACKPINK & EVERGLOW

IVE’s Teaser for ‘ELEVEN’ Raises Comparison to BLACKPINK & EVERGLOW

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IVE's teaser for "ELEVEN" has sparked comparisons to BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW. Keep on reading for all the details.

IVE’s Teaser for ‘ELEVEN’ Sparks Comparison to BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW

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IVE Drops Debut Music Video Teaser for 'ELEVEN'

IVE is an upcoming girl group under Starship Entertainment that is composed of six members: Wonyoung, Yujin, Liz, Rei, Gaeul, and Leeseo. The group is receiving lots of attention from internet users, not only because Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin were former IZ*ONE members, but because of each member's outstanding visuals and promising talents.


(Photo : IVE Twitter)

IVE is slated to make their debut on December 1, 2021, with their first single, "ELEVEN." Currently, the members are in the process of introducing themselves to the public through the "Show What I Have" video series. In addition, Starship Entertainment has also been releasing concept photos and has dropped their debut MV teaser.

On November 28, Starship Entertainment released the music video teaser for IVE's debut single "ELEVEN." The teaser is 20 seconds long. In the video, the six members appear one after another, flaunting their outstanding visuals and charisma. The melody of the song was also revealed, and one member is heard singing, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven / You make me feel like eleven."

IVE Gets Compared to BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW Following Release of 'ELEVEN' Teaser

Ever since the member line-up of IVE was announced, many internet users have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the girl group. Some have commented that as long as the debut music video is high quality and the girls receive a concept that compliments all the members, IVE will indeed become a top fourth generation girl group.

However, following the music video teaser's release, many have expressed disappointment over the concept. Despite their dark teasers, many were hopeful that Starship Entertainment would pursue a high teen concept and give the members a song with a bright melody, as they believed such an image matched the auras of the six members well.

The teaser also sparked comparisons to BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW, two girl groups known for their strong, girl crush concept. According to internet users, their concept is highly reminiscent of EVERGLOW, while the music video and melody of the song remind them of BLACKPINK.


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While many believe that the concept is not bad, people had hoped for something that would make iVE stand out more in the K-pop market. Some speculate that Starship Entertainment aims for a large international fan base for the girl group, which is why they opted for a girl crush concept. BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW, who have similar images, are girl groups known for having a large global fan base.


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Some comments concerning IVE's teaser include. "What is the difference between IVE and EVERGLOW?" "Honestly, they remind me of EVERGLOW right away," "They look like a lower-quality version of BLACKPINK," "They really make me think of EVERGLOW. They will definitely have lots of international fans," and "The MV and melody remind me of BLACKPINK."

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