IU Reveals Why She Related To KARA On 'IU's Palette'

IU Reveals Why She Related To KARA On 'IU's Palette'

IU revealed why she related to KARA on 'IU's Palette'.

On the December 3rd episode of 'IU's Palette', IU and KARA talked about their past together. Nicole talked about co-starring with IU on shows like 'Heroes' and 'Inkigayo', saying, "IU was mature, kind, and affectionate even when she was young. It's good to see she's the same even after so long. She's still warm, so thank you for making me feel comfortable and supporting the team a lot."

IU responded, "I think you have the same thoughts as I do," which made Nicole tear up. IU continued, "The reason I for sure wanted to do an episode about KARA is because I'm a fan and want to support you. When I first debuted, I wasn't popular and had to work step by step. KARA was a hope for me at that time. KARA sunbaenims were also late bloomers. It made a lot of people think, 'That could happen to me too.'"

Watch 'IU's Palette' featuring KARA above, and make sure to turn on the English captions.

Source: Allkpop