IU Greets UAENA With A Heartwarming Letter On New Year's Day

IU Greets UAENA With A Heartwarming Letter On New Year's Day

IU greeted her fans with a heartwarming letter on new year's day.

On new year's eve, both Lee Jong Suk and IU's agencies officially confirmed the dating rumors between the two, just hours after the initial report by media outlet 'Dispatch'. Approximately a day after the news went out, IU posted a heartwarming letter on her official fan cafe, sending new year's wishes to her fans and addressing the news.

In her letter, IU wrote:

"Hello UAENA.! Maybe everyone is asleep? I wonder how you spent your last of 2022, so I'm writing today to relay my gratitude and sorriness along with the new year's greetings.

As you would have read in the articles, I am in a relationship. I am cautious because I know how surprised you would be when you are always worried about my well-being and whereabouts, but yes...it is true! I am growing heart with someone who has been my long-time colleague, leaning on each other.

He is someone who has been supporting me and telling me I'm the best. He is also someone who I can trust and is adorable, sending heartfelt encouragement to me.

IU And Lee Jong Suk Write Heartfelt Letters To Fans Following News Of Their  Relationship | Soompi

Because you have a keen eye for my well-being, I'm sure you would know that I am in my emotionally stable and comfortable era. And I believe one of the reasons why I have been feeling more proud and passionate about my work recently is because there is a close good friend who gives me compliments.

Now that everyone knows, I will keep my relationship healthy and quiet so that my fans won't worry....! I am sorry to surprise you and thank you for congratulating me and asking how I am doing first regardless of the surprise.

아이유(IU) 공식 트위터 (@_IUofficial) / Twitter

I didn't write a long letter but it already turned into a new year. I guess I put a lot of thought before writing down each word. I started writing in 2022 and finished writing in 2023.

Everyone, happy new year. Last year in 2022, I was so happy to meet you all up close for the first time in a while. I will never forget those sickly happy moments.

Thank you for hanging out with me and being my best friend for another year!! I won't be lazy this year too! I'll do my best. Happy new year again. UAENA, you'll wake up to a new year. Sleep tight. I love you."

Source: Allkpop