IU Causes Laughter With Her 'Thoughtful' Gift To Her Favorite Idol Group, g.o.d

IU Causes Laughter With Her 'Thoughtful' Gift To Her Favorite Idol Group, g.o.d

IU caused laughter with her "thoughtful" gift for her favorite idol group g.o.d, showing her fangirl-mode.

On December 16, g.o.d's Yoon Kye Sang took to his Instagram to thank IU for her generous gift. The singer/actor was seen with an astonished expression, standing over a box of aged ginseng. Yoon Kye Sang wrote in awe, "Ji Eun, thank you...".

Earlier this month, g.o.d appeared as guests on 'IU's Palette'. During the episode, IU revealed that she was an avid fan of g.o.d, and demonstrated her excitement, especially at the chance to meet her bias, Yoon Kye Sang. In fact, when asked what she hoped from g.o.d in the future on 'Palette', IU said, "I want you all to live long and healthy lives...".

In response to this, Park Joon Hyung commented, "Okay, I'll make sure to live long. I'll eat medicinal food. I'll chew on ginseng so I can live really long."

Now, it seems that IU decided to take it upon herself to care for the health of her oppas, sending all of the g.o.d members "ginseng to chew on"!

Netizens reacted with comments like,

"She's just like all other K-Pop fans LOL. Fans can't stand to see their idols unhealthy for even one moment LOL."

"Exactly kekekekeke. If the oppas aren't healthy, they can't hold concerts kekekekeke."

"Most fangirls just pray that their idols will be healthy kekekekeke, IU actually sends her favorite idols ginseng kekekekeke."

"Yoon Kye Sang's face LOL. He's like thankful but bewildered."

"I feel like if someone sent you that much ginseng, it would make you feel super old kekekekeke."

"The grand scale of IU's presents kekekekeke."

"All of a sudden Yoon Kye Sang looks like an ahjusshi standing in front of the gingseng kekekekeke."

"This is what all K-Pop fans want to do for their idols kekekekekeke."

"g.o.d oppas, please be healthy kekekekekeke."

Source: Allkpop