Influencers Want To Have A Collaboration With These K-Pop Stars Most

Influencers Want To Have  A Collaboration With These K-Pop Stars Most

SOON ENT recently conducted a survey asking 60 influencers which stars from the entertainment industry they would want to collaborate with. Keep on reading to see who they selected!

BTS, IU, and More: 60 Influencers Selects the K-Pop Stars They Want to Collaborate With

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BTS, SG Wannabe, and SEVENTEEN - Top 3 Male K-Pop Stars Influencers Want to Collaborate With

BTS ranked at number one among male singers influencers want to collaborate with. As global superstars, it is no surprise influencers would want to collaborate with BTS — their influence is practically immeasurable!


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The HYBE Corporation boy group is often dubbed as "the biggest boy band in the world" and has been included in Time Magazine's 25 Most Influential People on the Internet from 2017 to 2019.

BTS topped the Forbes Korean Power Celebrity list in 2018 and 2020, meaning they are the country's most powerful and influential celebrities. In 2019, Forbes ranked BTS at number 54 on their annual list of 100 highest-paid celebrities.

Additionally, the UN-sponsored SDG Association ranked BTS at number one on their "Top Rank Sustainable Future Leaders."

Ranking at number two on the survey is SG Wannabe, who suddenly saw a boom in popularity after appearing on "Hangout With Yoo" on Mar. 27, 2021. It marked their first appearance as a group since 2018. After performing their hit songs on the show, their tracks quickly topped numerous real-time domestic music charts.

SG Wannabe

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Their videos on YouTube racked up millions of views within days, and SG Wannabe became a trending topic on YouTube and social media in South Korea. With their sudden boom in popularity, it is no surprise influencers would want to get a piece of that!

SEVENTEEN ranked at number three. The PLEDIS Entertainment group saw worldwide success in 2020 following the release of their seventh mini-album, "Heng:garae," which sold a million copies in under a week, making SEVENTEEN million sellers.

The achievement earned SEVENTEEN well-earned attention and a boom in followers.


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The boys achieved this feat once more with their second special album, "Semi color." The album made headlines prior to its release after it was revealed that the album sold more than a million copies in pre-orders, making it SEVENTEEN's second album to do so. SEVENTEEN has since established themselves as a top boy group.

IU, BLACKPINK, and ITZY are Top 3 Female K-Pop Stars Influencers Want to Collaborate With

IU ranked at number one in the female singers' category of the survey. IU achieved breakthrough success nearly two years after her debut with "Good Day."

Ever since then, the soloist has cemented herself as "The Nation's Little Sister' and "The Nation's Sweetheart" thanks to her pure and innocent image.


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IU is one of the best-selling soloists in the K-pop industry and has consistently appeared on Forbes Korea's Power Celebrity List since 2012, with her peak being at number three.

IU is the soloist with the most number-one songs on the Billboard Korea K-Pop. In 2014 and 2017, Gallup Korea named IU the singer of the year.

Second place in the female division went to the YG Entertainment girl group, BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK has been dubbed as "the biggest girl group in the world," "the biggest K-pop girl band on the planet," and "K-pop queens."

The group was named the most influential celebrities in Korea in 201 by Forbes Korea while ranking at number three in 2020 and number two in 2021.


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Additionally, BLACKPINK is the first girl group to be included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list and was added in Time's 2019 list of rising stars shaping the future of K-pop.

Third place went to the JYP Entertainment girl group, ITZY. Ever since ITZY debuted, they have been popular, earning them the title "monster rookies."

The girls have since attained even more success following the release of their fourth mini-album, "Guess Who," and the lead single "Mafia in the Morning."


(Photo : ITZY Twitter)

ITZY became the seventh South Korean female artist to break into the Billboard 200 chart. "Guess Who" peaked at number 148 on the said chart, becoming the sixth highest-peaking album by a Korean female artist. ITZY also ranked at number 99 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart.