Here Are These Idols With Successful Careers Outside The Stage

Here Are These Idols With Successful Careers Outside The Stage

As you know Idols are more than just dancing and singing. Many idols have tried to pursue their other talents and create businesses.

Here are 8 Celebrities who have successfully created their own businesses:

1. Rain

It appears that when Rain isn’t busy with being a famous idol, he is busy running several businesses. The first business that Rain begins with was his clothing line Six to Five.

Rain also had a record label that opened in November of 2007 called J. Tune Entertainment. Later on, J. Tune Entertainment unified with JYP Entertainment (Rain’s former record label).

Following his departure from Cube Entertainment (his current label at the time) in September of 2015, Rain announced he began his own one-person agency, R.A.I.N Company

2. Jessica Jung

Before she left SM Entertainment, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung created her fashion label, Blanc and Eclare.

Many idols have been seen wearing Jessica’s brand, like BLACKPINK, Hyuna, IU, PRISTIN,...etc. Unmistakably, Jessica’s brand is thriving and no one is more proud than her sister Krystal.

Former F(x) member Krystal is repeatedly seen representing the brand.

3. Jay Park

Jay Park isn’t only an amazing artist but also a successful businessman. Jay Park opened his record label AOMG and was later joined by Simon Dominick as a Co-founder.

Jay Park also owns H1gher music record label with Cha Cha Malone.

4. Irene Kim

From modeling to vlogging, Irene Kim is the one that fans can trust for stylish advice. Irene Kim poured her creative and stylish talent to make her brand, IRENEISGOOD LABEL.

IRENEISGOOD Label is a brand inspired by Irene Kim’s mantra, #GOODFORYOU. Fueled by Irene’s belief that the world could use more expressions of love and encouragement, IRENEISGOOD Label hopes to empower people to stay true to themselves and embrace one’s individuality. The label consists of basics and accessories with a twist, influenced by Irene’s signature off-duty look – edgy with a feminine flair.


5. BTS’s Jin

When he’s not spending his time traveling around the world or sharing hilarious “dad jokes,” BTS’s Jin runs the Japanese-themed restaurant Ossu Seiromushi along with his brother Kim Seok Joong.

6. Kang Daniel

Former Wanna One member and now soloist has added CEO to his name as he is the CEO of not just one, but two record labels. Kang Daniel is the CEO of both KONNECT Entertainment and KD Entertainment.

Kang Daniel established KD Corporation and is registered as the CEO. Kang Daniel’s affairs in the entertainment industry will be handled by KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT. All other work related to Kang Daniel will be taken charge by KD Corporation. He is also the CEO of KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.



There is no doubt about it. G-Dragon has conquered 2 worlds the music and the business worlds.

For one, G- Dragon has dabbled in the hospitality industry by opening a pension hotel (Dolce Vita Pension) for his family and fans. His parents now run the hotel.

G-Dragon also has two cafes: Monsant Cafe and Untitled 2017.

Along with hospitality and the food industry, G- Dragon has collaborated with many fashion and art brands. His part in the art business includes opening an art exhibition in 2015 under the name Peaceminusone: Beyond the Stage.

As for fashion, G-Dragon created his own line, also titled Peaceminusone. G- Dragon is still very active with his brand as Peaceminusone has recently collaborated with Nike to release Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise 2.0.

Air Force 1 'Para Noise' Release Date. Nike SNKRS

8. Jackson Wang

Like G-Dragon, Jackson Wang has also managed to create his fashion label. He announced his creation of the streetwear brand Team Wang Design.