Here Are K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Sibling Relationship

Here Are K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Sibling Relationship

People can be different in how they act around friends and family, and it's always very cute to see how idols are with their siblings.

While most family members would prefer to remain unknown or out of the spotlight, some would just openly share their love and support for their idol siblings. And there are some who are also fellow celebrities. Check out the idols with the cutest sibling relationships below.

BLACKPINK Rosé - Alice

Rosé and her older sister, Alice, have the cutest relationship. Despite Rosé's busy schedule of being a full-time idol, she would always make time for her sister. They would hang out not only with each other but also share the same circle of friends, which makes it extra adorable!

Stray Kids Chan - Hannah

It's rare to see the two of them together, but when they are, Chan really showed us that he is such a typical big brother that would always tease his little sister. Fans would also often joke about how Hannah is the more popular sibling.

NCT Doyoung & Gongmyung (former 5URPRISE)

Not only does Doyoung has to deal with 22 (soon to be 25) men in NCT, but he also comes home to an older brother, who is also in the entertainment industry. Gongmyung, who is an actor, is brothers with NCT Doyoung, and they showed the cutest quarrelsome brotherly chemistry in an episode of The Manager.

EXO Chanyeol - Park Yoora

These siblings are known to have an ideal loving sibling relationship. However, Chanyeol's older sister, Park Yoora, who is a retired YTN announcer, played down their loving relationship and said that they're just like any other siblings, calling each other "Hey!" and "You!"

TXT Heuningkai, Kep1er Heuning Bahiyyih, & Lea (former VIVA)

Only pure talent and visuals run in this family. The oldest sister, Lea, debuted first among the three with the group VIVA in 2017 but unfortunately disbanded the same year brother, Heungingkai, debuted with TXT in 2019. Youngest, Heuning Bahiyyih, recently debuted this year with Kep1er. All three of them would always show their love and support to each other, and it's the cutest thing ever.

Astro Moonbin & Billlie Moon Sua

While most people want Moonbin as their boyfriend, I want him as my brother. He is the sweetest brother ever, to sister Moon Sua, from the rookie group Billlie. The two have never been shy about showing their support for each other, but recently, Moonbin went as far as buying numerous albums so he could get into his sister's video fansign call. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

Jessica & Krystal Jung

They are such legendary and sweetest sisters in the K-Pop world. These two started by joining SM Entertainment and were in two different girl groups under the same agency. They have the loveliest relationship. Recently, Jessica even flew back to Korea from China just so she could celebrate her sister's birthday.

VICTON Han Seung Woo & Han Sun Hwa

Older sister Han Sun Hwa made her debut first as an idol before focusing on her acting career and followed by her brother, Seungwoo, who made his debut with VICTON. When Seungwoo competed in Produce X 101, Sun Hwa showed her biggest support to her brother. Sun Hwa even visited Seungwoo, who is currently serving in the military, and brought homemade food that she made herself.

BTS J-Hope & Jung Jiwoo

Another pair of talented siblings, J-Hope and Jiwoo, are both very popular in their respective categories of the entertainment industry. These two are known to be very close with each other and even went on a trip to Hawaii together.

Source: Allkpop