Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Gets Unexpectedly Real About Her Feelings For SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Gets Unexpectedly Real About Her Feelings For SM Entertainment

Fans aren’t the only ones with complaints!

Girls‘ Generation‘s Taeyeon surprised fans after getting hilariously real about her feelings for her managing label, SM Entertainment. Turns out fans aren’t the only ones with complaints!


Along with her fellow artists at the company, Taeyeon has been participating in the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts, the most recent one of which was the three-day concert in Tokyo. While there are still other locations left on the tour, the concerts so far have already provided fans with many noteworthy moments. From stunning vocal performances to adorably funny moments, the artists of SM Entertainment have had all eyes on them.

The “SM Family” in Tokyo | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

As expected, Girls’ Generation proved their status as legends of the industry. They delivered an emotional performance at the concert in Korea that left Hyoyeon in tears.

Yuri, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, and Sunny

Yet, despite the success of the members’ performance, Taeyeon had some complaints regarding her own setlist for the concert in Tokyo. She took to social media to express frustration about the issue—and with her company.

In a Bubble update, she told SONE that she would do her best on the final day of the concert. Then, she responded to a fan by apologizing for not being able to perform any of her Japanese songs at SMTOWN LIVE. By way of explanation, she hilariously said, “I hate SM.”

The comment naturally took fans by surprise, but many immediately praised her frankness, particularly considering her value to the company.

This led to SONEs pointing out that a single solo stage for an artist at Taeyeon’s level is unfair…

Especially considering that the concert in Tokyo was three days long, which should have provided enough space for Taeyeon to perform at least more than one song.

But of course, it’s much more likely that Taeyeon simply meant the comment as a joke. There are certainly many fans who would find it relatably funny! Some SONEs reacted with the funniest memes to Taeyeon’s message…

…while others latched on to another message in which she promised to show fans her songs at her own concert.

But of course, fans are still hoping to see much more of her at SMTOWN LIVE 2022!

While we’ve yet to see if any changes will be made to Taeyeon’s setlist in future ‘SM family’ concerts, at least we know she’ll always keep it real with fans!

Source: Koreaboo