(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Has The Best Response To A Netizen’s Rude Question

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Has The Best Response To A Netizen’s Rude Question

She knew exactly what to say.

(G)I-DLE is well-loved for being a group that doesn’t necessarily conform to the strict standards often set for idol groups. For instance, Soyeon explained that she never expected to get a win with their latest title track, “TOMBOY.”

I’ve been shocked to see that this kind of song can win 1st place. [There are] some beeping parts and bad words in the song, right? In a way, as idol singers, there are some words we mustn’t use, right? I’m not sure why we should follow such a prejudice. Anyway, we persuaded people to break it. — Soyeon

Soyeon | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Soyeon has also opened up about the criticism she’s faced in the past for wanting to write and produce music, which she never let stop her.

Before debuting, it was rare for female idols to learn composition, so when I said I wanted to compose and produce, everyone thought it was strange… When talking about idols and producers like GD and Zico, they said, ‘They are men.’ Whenever I heard this, I wondered, ‘What does that matter?’ — Soyeon

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram

Shuhua has also often received a lot of praise for her incredibly honest comments, like when she took a public stance against violence toward women.

Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

After a clip went viral of several men attacking a group of women for not reciprocating their advances, Shuhua condemned the attack on her Weibo account.

| Weibo

To all of you lovely girls, I am sorry I can’t help your pain, fears, and grievances, but now what’s important is that you live well and heal with time. Other than that, trust me, everyone will fight for your justice. There is no reason to show mercy to scums like them. I just hope you can see the warmth in your misfortune. Also, I just can’t understand it. This is something that those who are educated or even animals who aren’t educated should know. If you have a brain, how can you not understand? You were born as a human being, so please behave like one. Don’t lower the standards for humans. But you’re not even worthy of being human. Although I do not know if scums like you can understand me, scums, listen up. If it weren’t for you maliciously harming others, we wouldn’t need to self-protect. Stop blaming the victims. I’ve had enough with the existence of scums. It makes me sick to know they are alive and breathing. The authorities must open their eyes wide. You must not show mercy to them! — Shuhua

Yuqi has also received praise for raising awareness about the prejudice that female idols face regularly. After Yuqi uploaded some stunning pictures to Weibo, a netizen warned the idol about “showing too much skin.

Yuqi | @yuqisong.923/Instagram

| Weibo

Baby! Aren’t you having a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction in pictures 3 and pic 5! Be extra careful when I’m not around. There are many old perverts out there who are craving your body! Heheh — Netizen

Yuqi responded to the comment, explaining that idols should be allowed to wear what makes them feel confident.

| Weibo

Nope, this is a prejudice baby. Girls wearing short skirts, showing a little (skin) etc doesn’t mean it is too revealing. If you think you are pretty and satisfied, it is already good enough. Do not care about what others say. We wear pretty clothes and put up pretty makeup to make ourselves prettier and become confident. Just be yourself and be happy. — Yuqi

Yuqi is once more preaching self-love after receiving a less-than-kind question while holding an Instagram Q&A. Although Yuqi received many kind questions from fans…

One fan asked if Yuqi thought she was “better than [them].”

| @yuqisong.923/Instagram

Yuqi responded perfectly to the question, explaining that the word “than” isn’t present in her life as she doesn’t compare herself to others. Instead, the idol “[focuses] on [herself] only.”

| @yuqisong.923/Instagram

Although fans were upset that someone would ask that question, they couldn’t help but admire Yuqi’s mature and wise response.

Source: Koreaboo