G-Dragon Once Again Opens The Way For K-Stars To Promote In China

G-Dragon Once Again Opens The Way For K-Stars To Promote In China

China has been one of the biggest targets of the Korean industry for many years, thanks to the high payments it makes to celebrities.

G-Dragon became the ambassador for China's famous brands Beijing Hyundai Motors, Kappa, Vidal Sassoon, Hi Panda, Chow Tai Fook, Tencent and Cheetah Mobile in the past. Especially, the news that he got paid $2.5 million for posing for only 2 minutes at Hyundai Event became a hot topic in Korea.

In September 2016, due to the political tension with Korea, China banned all activities of Korean celebrities, such as concerts, events, promotions and advertisements. However, a few months after G-Dragon was discharged from the military, he became the face of China's famous beverage brand Chapai in 2022, despite the THAAD ban. The advertisements appeared on Billboards and large buildings all over the country.

The following sentences were included in the JTBC News' report:

"A local resident in China said that they felt the recent move to ease the tension with Korea, adding, "Two years ago, it was difficult to see a billboard of a Korean celebrity on the street, but these days, they can be seen on buildings and billboards."

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After the THAAD ban in 2016, it had become difficult for Korean celebrities to work in China. Bigbang's G-Dragon opened the door. He has become the ambassador for the famous Chinese beverage brand Chapai. G-Dragon was chosen as the ambassador in 2020, and he's still the ambassador and is featured on Chapai drinks today.

Jun Ji Hyun and IU have also become the faces of the famous online Hallyu fashion sales website HanDuiseo. The photo of the duo is displayed on the homepage together, and also TV and newspaper advertisements are being planned. Recently, it is said that a poster of IU, who is a global ambassador of New Balance, is at a New Balance store. On the 28th of last month, ELLE China included a photo of Jun Ji-hyun and Song Hye-kyo in an article on the website, saying that the chin-length short hairstyle is popular. Also the drama 'Now We're Breaking Up' featuring Song Hye Kyo has been sold to China."

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