From Couple Clothes To Lovestagram, Is Dating Rumor Between EXO Suho And Blackpink Jisoo True?

From Couple Clothes To Lovestagram, Is Dating Rumor Between EXO Suho And Blackpink Jisoo True?

Look at the Adorable Love Signs of EXO Suho and BLACKPINK Jisoo's relationship...

At the beginning of 2019 with the "super huge" dating news of Kai (EXO) and Jennie (BlackPink), making fans "excited. hot "and determined to find other couples that have not been" revealed "by the evil god" Dispatch. And the following evidence series of Suho (EXO) and Jisoo (BlackPink) is making K-pop fans everywhere "wake up"!

Couple of visual of KPOP


As the two top visuals of KPOP, Suho (EXO) and Jisoo (BlackPink) have been "paired" quite a lot by the match in appearance and popularity.


Couple clothes?

Many times fans saw that Suho and Jisoo wore the same clothes: from shirts, hats to pendants, ... This caused people to divide into 2 opinion streams, one side thought it was just a coincidence or simply the two have the same sponsor, another side affirms that this is definitely a couple because it cannot coincide with so many times and details!



Not stopping at "looking" on clothes, many fans also discovered on the Instagram of Suho and Jisoo many times posting similar pictures, from posting flower photos to the same tourist destinations.


EXO fans "protested" that in the first half of 2019, EXO did not have many activities, so leader Suho used to travel around famous places around the world. Fan Black Pink also responded that Black Pink has many activities in America and Europe this time so it is natural to visit and take photos at these places.


Before the series of evidence given by fans, many KPOP fans began to "fall in love" and believe that the leader of EXO and Black Pink's eldest sister is actually dating. But quite a lot of people think that until Dispatch reports it and both SM and YG agencies acknowledge it is true, the above evidence no matter how much and looks "real" is just rumor.