Former EXO Tao Confesses His Love Towards A K-Pop Female Singer: Is She IU?

Former EXO Tao Confesses His Love Towards A K-Pop Female Singer: Is She IU?

According to many netizens, IU is the female singer that Tao mentioned, and he is passionately in love with her.

Last night (November 21), Huang Zitao (former EXO Tao) caused a big stir in the Korean and Chinese K-Pop fan community after his the late-night livestream, where he confessed his love for a K-Pop idol.

In particular, during the broadcast, Tao revealed that he has been in love with a Korean female singer - he even texted the girl on Instagram, but got no response. He said if this female singer accepts his love, tomorrow, he will publicize the love story and immediately hold a wedding with her.

"It will be great if this goes on hot search tomorrow and she knows I like her. But it's also useless as we are not able to meet each other," he added. "This feeling is something that can't be explained clearly, it is not an idol-fan love, you guys cannot understand..."

In the livestream, Tao repeatedly expressed, "I really love her", and made it clear that this is not just him "chasing" an idol, but real love. The male singer looked directly at the camera, telling fans, "I can watch everything about her all day, not with a fan's attitude, and I really think she can be my girlfriend, but I couldn't meet her." The male singer also felt embarrassment, "I love her too much, but there is no way." However, people are also wondering whether Tao was drunk and couldn't control his words.

After the livestream, Tao continued to post on his Weibo, "I am not chasing an idol. It is really love. People do not understand, sometimes things do not need to be too clear."

At this moment, netizens, both Chinese and Korean, are thinking the girl in question is IU, because she is the only Korean idol that Tao follows on Instagram, and he likes every post on her Instagram. Last May, he even left a comment "Happy Birthday" on IU's photo.

Tao follows 3 artists on Instagram, and IU (@dlwlrma) is the only Korean singer.

On the morning of November 21, the former EXO member also mistakenly posted a picture of IU on his Weibo, then deleted it right after that. Because of these vague moves, netizens suspect that Tao is in love with IU.

Last morning, he also posted a picture of IU on his SNS.

Regarding this news, Korean netizens are not all so happy. Below are some comments from Knet on Thequo forum:

  • "Please pretend you don't know anything. I hope this gets forgotten soon."
  • "Bury this"
  • "Don't tell IU. He posted her photo and deleted it anyway..."
  • "He seems to be the type of guy that will tell the world he likes someone..."
  • "What does IU have to do with any of this?"
  • "I love IU too, please marry me!"
  • "Guys, be quiet, don't let more people know!"
  • "I thought his type were sexy models, it turns out he likes cute and adorable girls."
  • "He must be a super hard fan. If I was famous like him, I would express my love to my idol just like him. I would say I want to marry my idol!"