Fitness Trainers Select TOP K-Pop Idols with Best Physical Strength and Bodies

Fitness Trainers Select TOP K-Pop Idols with Best Physical Strength and Bodies

On August 25, the show revealed respective rankings for best female and male celebrities with physical strength, selected by fitness trainers.

In the latest broadcast of Mnet's "TMI News," K-pop idols including – BLACKPINK Lisa, MAMAMOO Solar, 2PM Junho and many more – were selected among top celebrities with the best bodies! Keep reading who made it into the top 14!

In particular, various K-pop idols entered the rankings — proving their healthy lifestyle and great physical strength despite busy lives as idols.

BLACKPINK Lisa, MAMAMOO Solar, & More: TMI News Drops Best 6 Female Celebrities with Incredible Physical Strength and Bodies

As a result, Lee Si Young, Kim Seo Hyung, BLACKPINK's Lisa, MAMAMOO's Solar, Red Velvet's Seulgi, and Kim Sejeong were ranked among the best female celebrities selected by trainers.

Among K-pop idols in the list, BLACKPINK Lisa ranked the highest after entering the Top 3. The upcoming soloist Lisa was selected by professional trainers for her proportioned body.

The judges praised her small face along with her slender arms and legs. Lisa also proves that she's a fashion icon who suits any clothes as according to a YG stylist, the K-pop dancer suit most clothes that doesn't suit other BLACKPINK members due to her perfect body.

MAMAMOO Solar then followed at No. 4, who is truly a wannabe body for her solid abs and biceps. One of her routines includes pole dance – one of the reasons why she has a strong core and full-body strength. Recently, Solar received rave reviews for her fit appearance in "Men's Health Korea" magazine.

Following the MAMAMOO member, Red Velvet Seulgi then ranked No. 5 while Kim Sejeong ranked at No. 6.

The "Hot Body, Hot Kang Seulgi" is mentioned as a member of the "SM female idol abs genealogy, following BoA, SNSD Yoona, and f(x) Krystal. Behind her gentle appearance, Seulgi hides her explosive abs. In fact, when you search the name "Seulgi," the word "abs" will appear as the highest keyword linked to her – proving the power of her perfect body line.

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong is a multi-talented or "all-rounder" idol that made the internet into a frenzy with her toned abs and muscles.

Best 8 Male Celebrities with Great Physical Strength and Bodies, According to TMI News

Meanwhile, for the male category, Ahn Bo Hyun, Jay Park, Park Seo Joon, Jang Minho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Song Kang, Lee Junho, and Lee Jin Wook ranked in the BEST 8 list of male celebrities with great physical strength.

In the list, Jay Park (former 2PM) and Lee Junho, a current member of 2PM, entered the rankings as No. 2 and No. 7, respectively.

In the show, Junho's perfect body, whom he earned from a long-term exercise, was highlighted, along with his backside line.

Who do you think is the idol with the best physique?

Source: kpopstarz