Fans Think These Idols Could Be The Next “Big 3” CEO

Fans Think These Idols Could Be The Next “Big 3” CEO

Is your fave the next JYP?

Fans on the K-Pop sub-Reddit recently discussed idols they believe could be the next great company CEO, filling in the shoes of company founders Park Jinyoung (JYPE Entertainment), Lee Soo Man(SM Entertainment), or Yang Hyun Suk(YG Entertainment).

Some of the required traits discussed included not being afraid of change, creativity, and engagement in the music process, and having some applicable “street smarts.”

Here are some of the most mentioned idols:

1. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is known for her fearless behavior and ability to put herself out there on shows like Unpretty Rapstar and Queendom.

Soyeon is dedicated to her work: she recently moved out of the group’s dorms in order to have a space for her own studio and be able to work as needed. In addition to this Soyeon has shown she has what it takes to lead trainees and manage a group.

Soyeon has also been praised for her work ethic and professionalism by other producers! During her appearance on I Live Alone, Soyeon was shown leading a meeting and discussing all aspects of the group’s upcoming album with members of CUBE Entertainment.

Soyeon leading a company meeting about (G)I-DLE’s next release. | KCOCOWA TV/YouTube

2. GOT7’s Jackson Wang

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @got7/Twitter

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is already a CEO! Jackson is the CEO of Team Wang and has led the team into various different ventures including a fashion brand and has more than seven different brand partnerships!

| Team Wang

Jackson’s experience outside of being a member of GOT7 includes coaching and mentoring teams on Street Dance of China, working with young musicians, and being involved with all aspects of his own music production.

Jackson has stated that his goals include having his own record label where artists are signed. Additionally, Team Wang currently has a strategic partnership with RYCE Entertainment that includes production, distribution, publishing, and more.

3. VIXX’s Ravi

VIXX’s Ravi

When VIXX‘s Ravi did not renew his contact many fans were left wondering what was next for the star. Shortly after, it was announced that Ravi had founded and become the CEO of his own company Groovl1n!

| Dive Studios Highlights/YouTube

Groovl1n currently has four artists signed to the company, Nafla, Cold Bay, Xydo, and Ravi himself. The members have successfully conducted several tours both individually and as a unit!

| @studio_pav/Twitter

4. Kang Daniel

Following the disbandment of WANNAONE, Kang Daniel won a legal dispute with his then agency, LM Entertainment over the company’s unfair exclusive contract. He then announced he was preparing his own agency, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

CEO Kang Daniel took steps to ensure his company would be set up exactly for his needs as a solo artist and has been able to sign other artists! In terms of the listed criteria, Kang Daniel also plays an active role in the product of his own music: he was credited for all lyrics for his first full album (and several of his songs.

5. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Twitter

With over 100 Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) credits, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan has a plethora of experience in writing and producing for his group.

As the leader of his group, Bang Chan has experience in guiding and aiding other artists and many fans think he would be perfect as a CEO. As seen in Stray Kids’ experimentation with a variety of sounds, Bang Chan is not afraid of trying new things, something many consider a needed trait for a CEO.

Source: Koreaboo