Fans Praise Super Junior For Their Professionalism Following The Sudden Passing Of Eunhyuk’s Father

Fans Praise Super Junior For Their Professionalism Following The Sudden Passing Of Eunhyuk’s Father

Super Junior’s actions during this difficult time are being applauded worldwide.

Super Junior postponed their Super Show 9: Road concert in Manila following the unexpected passing of member Eunhyuk‘s father.

The tragic news of Eunhyuk’s father’s passing came as the Super Junior members were preparing to depart from Korea for their concert in the Philippines. Fans waiting for the Super Junior members at the airport in Korea witnessed Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk run to each member’s car, briefly entering the vehicle before continuing to the next car.

When the news broke, it was later understood that Leeteuk was likely informing the members of Eunhyuk’s father’s passing. The members were photographed standing solemnly as they waited to enter the airport before the media delivered the unfortunate news.

Super Junior at the airport in Korea

After Super Junior arrived in Manila and conducted internal discussions with their company and event organizers, the concert was officially postponed. In a statement given by their label, they informed fans of the decision but stated the members would still like to greet their fans at the venue.

In a show of great professionalism and love for their fans, Super Junior appeared at the venue and spoke to the crowd, expressing their gratitude for their fans’ understanding. Leeteuk addressed their fans, saying,

I hope this doesn’t bring your energy down for too long. The thing is, back in Korea, we debated whether we should depart to Manila for a while. Eventually, we agreed that we still come and say hello to the fans who had been waiting for us. Even when we arrived in the Philippines, we continued to discuss what we should do—late into the night, around 3-4 o’clock in the morning. We believe that “Super Show” is a place of happiness, fun, and hope.

So we’re not “canceling” the show. We’re postponing it to make sure that we can really give you the perfect amount of happiness, fun, and hope. We hope you can see it as having purchased the tickets to that show way early. And originally, we’ve been scheduled to perform for a single night in Manila. But we’ve spoken to the promoters and asked that, when we come back, we’d like to perform for two nights. It’s only fair that we show gratitude to you all this way…We also understand that by canceling the performance, we’re causing quite a bit of inconvenience to a lot of people. So, to make sure our dear ELFs and staff members can be satisfied, we promise that we’ll come back ASAP.

When we come back, Siwon will be here. Eunhyuk will be right by my side to confuse everyone again.In a way, we’ve been blessed with more opportunities to see ELFs here in the future. You’ve all become even more beautiful since the last time we were here. And for our beautiful fans, we’ve prepared something special. We wish nothing but happiness for you all. And we feel terrible about leaving the stage without having performed anything. So, we’ll be singing a few songs—in hopes of keeping our love strong forever and ever. This is “My Wish.”

— Leeteuk

ELFs who had been anticipating the concert responded with incredible understanding, wanting to make sure the members took the time they needed to grieve and be with Eunhyuk. After Shindong apologized at the venue for the unexpected postponement, the crowd began to chant in Korean, “it’s okay,” showing their love for the group.

Not only did the members take the time to give speeches to their fans, but they also performed three songs.

Fans showered the group with praise for the way they handled themselves during such a difficult time and showed gratitude for the dedication Super Junior displayed to ELFs. Even as Super Junior arrived at the airport in Manila, Leeteuk was filmed running to greet their fans who had been waiting for their safe arrival.

Fellow member Heechul, who remained in Korea, reported to fans that Sungmin, Kangin, and himself have been by Eunhyuk’s side, making sure he is surrounded with support.

The veteran idol group has become like a family over the last 17 years, and they continue to show that ELF is their family too.

Source: Koreaboo