Fans of Stray Kids and Rookie Group STAYC Under Conflict because of Fandom Name

Fans of Stray Kids and Rookie Group STAYC Under Conflict because of Fandom Name

Fandoms of Stray Kids and the newly debuted group STAYC are currently in "fan war" after a few fans of the girl group allegedly claim the word "STAY."

The conflict started when the fans of the new girl group posted on social media platforms, on Twitter, tweeting that Stray Kids fans, which are often called "Stay," should change it for the sake of STAYC, who incidentally to have the word "Stay" on their group's name as well.

STAYC's fans suggested that the name would suit them best and that the boy group's fans should change for them as they are their junior fandom.

In line with this, a Twitter hashtag #StrayKids_Apologize_To_STAYC was also used by the girl group's fans to call out the attention of the senior fandom, but shortly after, "Stays," (Stray Kids' fandom) noticed the request, and their reactions almost all of them is negative. As the fandom name is extremely important to K-pop fans, Stray Kids fans slammed the alleged shameful request in an instant.

Using the same hashtags, Stray Kids fans expressed their opinion and conveyed the importance of their fandom name to them. #YouMakeStrayKidsStay also trended in the platform.

Fans of Stray Kids and Rookie Group STAYC Under Conflict because of Fandom Name

According to a fan, "Stay" is just a word for them, but it is precious and represents their identity as a fandom. Also, this name is carefully chosen by the members themselves, thus, carrying a deeper meaning. "Stay" was taken from the word "Stray" of Stray Kids.

The missing letter "r" stands for "Reason," explaining that the K-pop members' reason is their fans, and that's the place they choose to stay.

Moreover, "Stays" are also completely angered by the fans who asked them to give up their name for the reason that seniority is important in K-pop culture. They also said the alleged request is downright disrespectful, not only to the fans but also to the group.

Stray Kids debuted two years ago, while STAYC just debuted approximately four days ago. That's why it is clear that Stays should not adjust to the new fandom. In addition to this, it will only make things complicated according to K-pop fans, as the Stray Kids' fans already established their fandom name, "Stay," and had used it for years.

TXT Fans, or also known as "Moa," also tried to educate the new group's fans since they also experienced a similar situation where their fandom was coincidentally named as "Young One," but they quickly changed it after knowing that it is the fandom name of Girls' Generation member Tiffany, a senior idol in the K-pop scene.

On the other side, STAYC, a group produced by Black Eyed Pilseung under High Up Entertainment, a subsidiary of CJ &ENM, became the highest-selling girl group this year. They are gaining positive feedback for their bop track "So Bad" and gaining massive reactions for their eye-catching visuals. With their fans' attitude, K-pop supporters and netizens are hoping that this will not affect the female group's image. Furthermore, they are also facing an alleged plagiarism controversy as of this moment.

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