Fans Look At What Happens When Super Junior Members Take Charge Of Designing Their Own Photo Cards In An Album

Fans Look At What Happens When Super Junior Members Take Charge Of Designing Their Own Photo Cards In An Album

Many K-pop album, if not all, always comes with a small gift for fans - photo cards of their favorite artists. Some fans have made it a hobby to collect all the different photo cards that are provided through these albums, and photo card collecting has become one of the cultures of K-pop fandoms.

Usually, photo cards include an exclusive photograph of an idol, and the photos are unique selfies or pictorial photos that were never released before. Therefore, fans go through any means to collect these photo cards.

But there is a group that provides the most unique photo cards than any other group and has been garnering much attention from the K-pop fandom community.

Super Junior members are known for their candid personalities and are loved by fans for their hilarious humor.

Recently, Superior Junior's past photo cards began garnering attention again after one fan brought to attention on its uniqueness. The fan revealed these photo cards in an online community post titled "This is what happens when Super Junior releases photo cards."

A photo card of Donghae's selfie with his mom - namely, "the mother-in-law photo card."

Kyuhyun ran out of selfies to release. So, he handed in his real passport I.D. photo.

 New photo card of Yesung showering. LOL.

The fan also included the back side to these photo cards where the members included hilarious phrases dedicated to their fans. The fan wrote, "The back side is crazy hilarious."

" Super Junior Eunhyuk. I <3 YOU. You've been sold on my salesmanship".

"Super Junior Eunhyuk. This photo card includes some salesmanship skills but my heart for you doesn't."

The last photo cards were signed by Eunhyuk, but he had spread out his message and signature over three separate cards, so there were fans who thought the photo cards were defective items until they found all three pieces.

Kyuhyun also made fans laugh by leaving hilarious messages when he found out there were five different types of photo cards per member. He wrote, "Can't believe there are five types of photo cards...," "I want to transfer some photo cards," and "I'm sorry we made so many photo cards."

Other K-pop fans commented, "Why do I find the passport photo of Kyuhyun so funny?" "These days, Siwon has one pose designated for his photocards, lol," "This is crazy hilarious, I love Super Junior," "I think it's more legendary that I have all of their photo cards that are like that," "Yesung taking a shower is hilarious," and "I wonder if they decided to change careers and become an idol comedian group. lol."

Source: Allkpop