Fans Are Shocked At Where BLACKPINK Rosé Filmed Her "On The Ground” MV

Fans Are Shocked At Where BLACKPINK Rosé Filmed Her "On The Ground” MV

What a transformation!

BLACKPINK Rosé, who is gearing up for her long-awaited solo debut, shocked fans with the location of her music video.

In the second music video teaser, Rosé is seen in front of a theater wearing a glamorous outfit.

Even with this 17-second clip, netizens were able to figure out the location of the music video set.

Turns out, it was filmed at a rest stop located in Yongdu!

Fans were impressed with YG’s editing skills in making the rest stop into a totally different set.

  • “I love how YG invests a lot of money into their music videos.”
  • “Wow look at that transformation!”
  • “YG is the king of music videos.”
  • “Wow, how can they change a rest stop into a set like that!”

Netizens also found that this was the same location that SEVENTEEN filmed episode 39 of their show GOING SEVENTEEN.

Stay tuned for Rose’s solo album dropping on March 12!


How Much Does It Cost To Look Like BLACKPINK Rosé In These Dresses?

Some of BLACKPINK Rosé‘s best looks are when she wears dresses and gowns. Her elegance is always off the charts! No matter if it’s photoshoots, advertisements, or Instagram updates, she always makes jaws drop.

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1. In a short pink dress

First up, who can deny that Rosé looks even prettier than usual in salmon pink? Her Alessandra Rich “Moire Jacquard Mini Dress” retails for an eye-watering $1,485 USD!

She also wore Tiffany & Co‘s “Elsa Peretti Teardrop Pendant” which costs almost as much as the dress at $1,250 USD.

2. In a classic black dress

One of Rosé’s simplest but most memorable outfits was her Saint Laurent “Sleeveless Satin Slip Dress” in 2020 BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary (In Seoul). The $1,990 USD dress fit her body perfectly and made her appear even more majestic!

There's no wonder why she's chosen to be the global ambassador for Saint Laurent.

3. In a cute casual dress

This next look was one of the cutest dresses that Rosé showed off on her Instagram account. Its black and white motif gave it a hint of classiness and sweetness at the same time.

It was another Saint Laurent piece, this time the “Scarf-collar Dress in Sable Printed with Polka Dots.” If you’re interested in purchasing it, it’ll set you back $2,290 USD!

4. Shines bright like a diamond

Next up, she was definitely eye-catching in Maje Paris‘ “Short Sequin Dress” that she wore in an interview for Tokopedia. The puffed-sleeved dress can be bought for $490 USD.

She looks dreamy like a sky full of sparkling stars with that light pink hair.

5. In an avant-garde dress

Finally, one of Rosé’s most experimental looks was her “Latex Midi Wrap Dress” from Saint Laurent. It’s the most expensive item on this list at an astounding $4,290 USD.

She proved she can kill it even with darker concepts! Elegant or cute, Rosé looks stunning in all fashion styles!

Which is your favorite look of Rosé?

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