EXO’s Kai Makes The Perfect Disney Prince

EXO’s Kai Makes The Perfect Disney Prince

He has the visuals of a prince and the aura of a king.

EXO’s Kai is well admired not just by fans but also by other idols for his beautiful dancing and out-of-this-world stage presence. With his talent, visuals, and sweet personality, he would make the perfect Disney prince. It also helps that he has the talking-to-animals part down too.

Here are eight Disney princes Kai has brought to life.

1. Prince Charming

Kai knows he has lethal charm and uses it to his advantage.

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2. Aladdin

Their smiles melt everyone’s hearts.

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3. Prince Philip

Is there anything more prince-like than a handsome man on horseback?

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4. Eugene/Flynn Rider

Kai is a master of the smolder.

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5. The Prince (Snow White)

They both have unique voices that can romance anyone who listens. Also, animals love them.

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6. Prince Edward (Enchanted)

Maroon, gold, and white make an enchanting combination.

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7. Prince Eric

Ethereal even when underwater.

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8. Li Shang

Both of them slay in a man bun.

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