English K-Pop Songs Besides 'Dynamite' That Deserved A Grammy

English K-Pop Songs Besides 'Dynamite' That Deserved A Grammy

Here are 5 of our top picks for English language K-Pop tracks that definitely deserved a Grammy nod.

In 2021, BTS was nominated for a major music category at the Grammy Awards for their song 'Dynamite', making them the first-ever K-Pop group to achieve this feat. However, the group lost the Grammy to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, which opened up an important conversation about the Recording Academy and its disconcerting exploitation of the K-Pop fandom in general and BTS ARMY in particular with no intentions of honouring the talent that fosters the popularity.

With 'Butter', BTS is taking another shot at the Grammy, in hopes of attaining the recognition they deserve. The fact that 'Butter' is another English language track seems to set an unspoken precedent that K-Pop can have a place on the Western stage as long as the music is in English. However, that still does not explain why, over the years, so many wonderful English language K-Pop tracks have gone unnoticed in the eyes of the Recording Academy and even other Western award platforms.

1. Tiffany Young - 'Run For Your Life'

Tiffany Young has been a part of the Western scene for quite some time now but she also revels in her K-Pop identity, especially considering that she is still a part of Girls' Generation. Her music is top tier and yet goes underrated for some reason, especially in recent years. Tiffany Young deserves more attention and her music is definitely worth being lauded on a grand stage like the Grammy.

2. DPR Ian - 'So Beautiful'

DPR is one of the most underrated indie music label in the industry and as its pioneer, DPR Ian recently released solo music, mostly in English. Without a doubt, there's an innovative edge to his music that is quite rare to find in the K-Pop industry. However, the release mostly went under the radar despite the quality of production and refreshing concept.

3. MONSTA X - 'You Can't Hold My Heart'

MONSTA X can do no wrong when it comes to lyrical quality, production and musicality and 'You Can't Hold My Heart' is a prime example of the same. Without a doubt, this song is one that definitely deserved to be as appreciated in mainstream Western media as some of the other K-Pop songs that have gained immense popularity.

4. LOONA - 'Star'

When it comes to girl groups, no one's doing it like LOONA. If synchronization could be defined, LOONA would definitely be the epitome of it. The vocals are unparalleled, especially in 'Star', despite it being sung in a second language to Korean. The choreography, as always, is unmatched and overall, 'Star' deserved to be praised just as much as the more mainstream songs in the global music industry.

5. Jackson Wang - 'LMLY'

Finally, this list would simply not be complete without including GOT7 member and soloist Jackson Wang, who's truly pioneering the music scene and furthering Asian representation in the most authentic way possible. From '100 Ways' to 'LMLY', Jackson has consistently proven his mettle and definitely deserves to be recognised on a stage as significant as the Grammys.

Which other song would you add to this list?