Elle Korea Slammed for Not Tagging Irene in Red Velvet Post on Instagram

Elle Korea Slammed for Not Tagging Irene in Red Velvet Post on Instagram

Elle Korea is under fire for tagging all of the Red Velvet members in a post except for Irene.

Elle Korea Slammed for Not Tagging Irene in a Red Velvet Post on Instagram

(Photo : Elle Korea Instagram)

Did Elle Korea Purposely Not Tag Irene in a Red Velvet Post?

Red Velvet is currently promoting "Queendom" on music shows and programs, marking Irene's return after her gapjil controversy. Red Velvet's leader has received the support of their fans.

However, it appears that not everyone is ready to accept Irene's comeback in the music industry.

On August 22, fans discovered that Elle Korea did not tag Irene in an Instagram post. The publication had shared a series of photos promoting Red Velvet's first stage and their lovely looks for their stage.

However, people soon noted that the magazine only tagged four members — Joy, Yeri, Seulgi, and Wendy. The publication also did not have her own solo photo.

Red Velvet Elle Korea

(Photo : Elle Korea Instagram (Deleted Post))

Following criticism, Elle Korea took down their original post and re-uploaded the photos to include a solo photo of Irene. However, they still did not tag Irene's Instagram account. Elle Korea edited the caption and finally added Irene's Instagram handle alongside her members as the backlash continued.

How Did People React to Elle Korea Not Tagging Irene in an Instagram Post, Constant Re-editing?

This incident has greatly angered fans, saying that the magazine does not respect the female idol.

People speculate that the person managing Elle Korea's social media accounts might be annoyed with the idol because she was accused of yelling at employees, including famous fashion editors and stylists. During Irene's scandal, many top stylists had liked the post revealing Irene's alleged bad attitude.


(Photo : Irene Instagram)

Many believe that Irene was mistreated, claiming some people who knew the fashion editor took advantage of their jobs to express their distaste for Irene.

In addition, people are slamming Elle Korea for being unprofessional. People are accusing the publication of demeaning Irene because of a scandal that happened in the past, despite how she apologized twice.

The magazine is being criticized for being childish and professional, saying that they should not let personal feelings get in the way of their work. Many also state that if they hated Irene so much, they should just not post Red Velvet instead of acting immaturely and constantly editing their post.


(Photo : Irene Instagram)

However, some people are on Elle Korea's side. Those who have not forgiven Irene for her gapjil controversy say that this is the consequence of her actions, adding that because Irene showed her true face behind the scenes and got exploded, she deserves not to be included in the post.

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