Contestant of “Singles Inferno”Goes Viral For Her Resemblance To BLACKPINK’s Jennie And IVE’s Wonyoung

Contestant of “Singles Inferno”Goes Viral For Her Resemblance To BLACKPINK’s Jennie And IVE’s Wonyoung

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After the success of the Netflix series Squid Game, it seems as if the world is rightly becoming obsessed with Korean shows. The most recent series to catch the attention of fans is a reality show called Singles Inferno.

Singles Inferno poster | Netflix

The series follows a group of single Koreans who are all looking for love, but the twist is that they’re on a deserted island cut off from society. For many viewers, it is similar to the idea of Love Island, which is popular in Western countries as all of the contestants are very attractive.

The current cast on the show | Netflix

Although they are all attractive, there is one contestant who has been gaining a lot of attention from fans, and that is social media influencer Song Ji A.

For those unfamiliar with, Ji A runs a YouTube channel called free.지아 (free.zia) and was a recognized face with Korean viewers. With over 468,000 Instagram followers and 588,000 YouTube subscribers, she has caught the attention of her fellow contestants and international viewers for her doll-like visuals.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/ Instagram
| @dear.zia/ Instagram

When she first walked down the steps, she definitely had a regal presence and commanded all of the attention with the way she held herself.

As expected, with anyone who has stunning visuals, Ji A was instantly compared to other Korean celebrities who are equally as gorgeous. In particular, the influencer has been compared to several well-known K-Pop idols because of her dainty and flawless visuals.

One of those is none other than BLACKPINK’s Jennie!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

When Ji A first walked down the steps, netizens couldn’t deny the resemblance between the two women. From the similar sharp features and small faces to their luscious locks, they both have this initially cold impression which contrasts with their warm personalities.

Considering that Ji A’s outfits on the show look similar to those worn by Jennie as the ambassador for Coco Chanel, it isn’t surprising to see where the similarities and comparisons have come from because they both ooze class…

| YG Entertainment

But they can also showcase their more natural and chilled-out vibes with plaits!

| @dear.zia/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

The next idol viewers have made comparisons to is IVE’s Wonyoung!

IVE’s Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/ Instagram

Although Wonyoung is definitely a lot taller than Ji A, they both have similar facial features, including small faces, sharp noses, and a kind of beauty that seems regal.

| @for_everyoung10/ Instagram
| @dear.zia/ Instagram

If you still don’t think it’s true, Ji A and Wonyoung have actually met in the past, and their similarities are undeniable.

Song Ji A and Wonyoung | @dear.zia/ Instagram

Only two episodes in, and viewers have become hooked on the show, despite some of the controversies surrounding the idea of promoting “Korean beauty standards.” Yet, there is no denying it is addictive and has a quality that makes it easy to watch.

Source: koreaboo