CL And BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Showcases That Their Friendship In 2022 Is Just As Iconic As Ever With A Video Call

CL And BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Showcases That Their Friendship In 2022 Is Just As Iconic As Ever With A Video Call

2NE1 x BIGBANG crumbs are 100% iconic!

When it comes to iconic K-Pop groups, two names that can never be missed out are 2NE1 and BIGBANG. Despite both of the groups debuting over ten years ago, they are idols that are always going to be iconic and really set the stage for the K-Pop industry worldwide.

2NE1 and BIGBANG for their track “LOLLIPOP” | YG Entertainment

In particular, one friendship that has always caught the attention of netizens is between members CL and G-Dragon. Like the rest of the members, the duo trained and debuted under YG Entertainment, and throughout their careers, they have showcased an iconic bond.

They even did a collaboration along with fellow artist Teddy in a track called “The Leaders.”

CL is currently in America after 2NE1 shook the world when they reunited at Coachella 2022. Although the members haven’t been on stage together for a few years, it was as if they had been gone as they put on a truly iconic performance for fans.

2NE1 at Coachella 2022 | @chaelincl/ Instagram
| @chaelincl/ Instagram

While in America, it seems like CL has been catching up with some friends during that time, and one of those is G-Dragon. Recently the duo caught the attention of fans in a now-deleted Instagram post from CL. On April 21 (KST), CL shocked fans when she shared a picture on her account of none other than G-Dragon.

In the post, it shows CL video calling G-Dragon and the musician can be seen holding up a casual peace sign while sitting in the passenger’s seat of a car.

| @chaelincl/ Instagram

Although it has been a long time since netizens last saw the two directly interact, the CL x G-Dragon crumbs have always been there. Even as recently as last month, CL reposted a picture G-Dragon posted on Instagram about the group’s recent comeback.

It seems like the past few months have seen the resurgence of iconic K-Pop groups, and this interaction was more than enough to satisfy the needs of older K-Pop stans. Hopefully, the groups won’t make netizens wait even longer for the next 2NE1 x BIGBANG interaction.

Source: Koreaboo