Check Out The Top 10 Wannabe Boyfriend' Rankings by Exciting DC

Check Out The Top 10 Wannabe Boyfriend' Rankings by Exciting DC

Of which K-pop Idol do you feel like flying just by imagining them as your significant other? In the latest rankings - with the theme "Who is the star who would make you feel like losing your mind just imagining him as your boyfriend?" - released by Exciting DC, these 10 male idols topped the list!

Exciting DC results are ranked by fans' votes by jointly selecting various topics by the community portal site DC Inside and MyCelebs, a taste search site using big data.

The Korean online polling platform ran from June 6 to June 12, which attracted 116, 069 participants.

BTS Ranks No. 1 on "Top 10 Wannabe Boyfriend"

Among numerous K-pop male idols that exude a boyfriend-material vibe, Jimin topped the list. The globally popular member of the supergroup BTS garnered 47,239 votes from voters, approximately 40 percent of the total participants.

The affiliated keywords based on his data include "friendly," "romantic," and "cute."

Jimin's fans have been calling him "Park Dajeong" because of his sweet and friendly personality. The male star constantly shows his love and care for his fans, such as writing "Wear warm," "Make sure to wear a mask," etc., in its official SNS.

BTS members have also been recognized for their personality by choosing most of Jimin as the "member they want to introduce if they have a younger sister."

When he appeared on KBS' "Let's BTS!" talk show in March, BTS Jimin, with approval from RM, proved to be an all-round idol with a personality even though he is the best artist in the world by saying that he is an altruistic friend and "a person who cares about others before himself."

TVXQ Yunho, ASTRO Eunwoo, Park Jihoon & More: Which K-pop Idol is the Most Boyfriend Material?

Aside from Jimin, more K-pop idols joined the rankings.

Following the BTS member, U-Know Yunho of TVXQ ranked second place. Indeed, the legendary idol who has always been a gentleman among other female idols received more than 44,000 voted.

EXO D.O., who recently set the internet in a frenzy due to wearing rimless specs, ranked third.

D.O. is often referred to as " cold" due to his expressionless face sometimes on stage, but the idol is actually warm and bright. With his incredible duality, he gained 17,154 votes.

Meanwhile, Cha Eunwoo and Kang Daniel ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. Undoubtedly, aside from both having good looks and talents, the idols are also loved for their friendly and caring personality.

Lastly, HIGHLIGHT Yoon Doojoon and Park Jihoon ranked ninth and tenth, in order. The two idols have been showing their boyfriend-material personality not only in the K-pop scene but as well as in the K-Drama industry.