Celine Triomphe Bag Is Out of Stock Because Of BLACKPINK "Lisa Effect"

Celine Triomphe Bag Is Out of Stock Because Of BLACKPINK "Lisa Effect"

Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK and the global ambassador of Celine once again proved her impact after the bag that she wore immediately sold out.

In particular, the Thai-born K-pop idol who was selected as the global ambassador of the high-fashion brand, Celine, previously flaunted her elegant visual on a photoshoot.

Along with the brand and the fashion magazine ELLE, BLACKPINK Lisa proved that she's an icon of the fashion industry with her natural poses, casually flaunting her stylish charm with her doll-like beauty and unique aura. The photoshoot was released on March 15, as part of the April issue for the magazine.

Indeed, the main dancer of the "world's biggest girl group" gained utmost support from K-pop enthusiasts, praising Lisa. Along with this, the luxury bag that she showed off during the pictorial also captured the interest of netizens and ended up being sold out.

BLACKPINK Lisa Proved Impact as a Global Fashion Icon After Celine Triomphe Bag Sold Out

After the release of the pictorial, comments of enthusiastic interest and support from fans continued. Lisa's power was realized by the flood of inquiries about the Celine 2021 summer collection items worn by Lisa, who is acting as a Global Ambassador for the brand.

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Based on the report of Korean media outlet Star News, brand officials announced that Celine Triomphe bag, also referred to as "Lisa's bag" by the general public has been out of stock for a while due to the massive interest that people has been showing since it was revealed to be used by BLACKPINK Lisa.

Undoubtedly, the brand responded that the re-ordering will only take place once every two months, but the waiting list for those who want to purchase the bag is already full load, flaunting BLACKPINK Lisa's influence on consumer's behavior and decision-making.

BLACKPINK Lisa as Fashion Icon + Solo Debut Will Surely Solidify her K-pop Domination

Nevertheless, this is not shocking anymore as being the member of BLACKPINK who is deemed as the "Trend Queens," any items, products, and services worn and promoted by Lisa will surely be sold out and record overwhelming sales.

Aside from this, Lisa's influence alone is already amazing. With her keen eyes on fashion trends, she was selected as one of the juries for "ANDAM Fashion Awards."

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On top of this, the BLACKPINK star also rose as one of the most-followed K-pop stars on various social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. As of the press, the "K-pop's representative" has 48.7 million IG followers, while her personal YouTube channel "Lilifilm Official" has over 6.36 million subscribers.

As a member of BLACKPINK, a global ambassador, most saught commercial model, and endorser, highly-respected K-pop dancer, there's only one thing that Lisa is about to do--- debuting as a solo artist.

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In 2020, YG Entertainment announced Rosé and Lisa's solo debut, which raised the anticipation of their fandom, BLINKs.

While Rosé recorded a successful debut when she released an album this March, and even surpassing BLACKPINK Jennie's previous records as a solo artist, the youngest member Lisa is gaining attention if what kind of strategy she's about to drop as a soloist and the impact it will create to the K-pop industry.


9 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Took Our Breaths Away With Her Most Gorgeous And Memorable Outfits This Year

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is celebrating her 24th birthday on March 27. Besides being a renowned singer, rapper, and dancer, she’s also a model who looks good in every style. To celebrate her special day, here are some of her best outfits from 2021!

Check them out below!

1. In a boss setup

She gave us confident boss vibes in her “The Movie” release! Her grey blazer, high ponytail, and red lip were a lethal combination.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

2. In her solo stage

She was a total stunner in a jazz-like ensemble for her solo stage in THE SHOW.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

3. In a truthful statement

One of her most casual but memorable outfits was her “I love to make boys cry” shirt. It’s not the first time she wore such a shirt, donning clothing with statements like “Humble, with a hint of queen” and “Bada** feminist” in the past.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

4. In a sweet and sour style

Another praise-worthy outfit that Lisa wore during their online concert, THE SHOW, was her attire during the “Sour Candy” stage. She was pretty and sexy in a pink and black bedazzled top.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

5. In her “Lover” stage

One of her best recent dance performances was her Youth With You 3 mentor stage. She proved exactly why she deserves to be a teacher of 118 trainees with her straight dance lines, charismatic expressions, and spot-on interpretation of the music.

Her outfit was also very eye-catching as she wore a Celine white corset and top.

6. In sparkles

A monochrome filter isn’t enough to dull her sparkle! Lisa donned a glitter-filled top in one of her Instagram posts—and we couldn’t look away!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

7. In a classic tie

There’s just something about Lisa in a simple long-sleeved blouse and tie that makes her look like the ultimate campus crush.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She owns this look!

8. In blue-green

She looked positively otherworldly in an off-shoulder green top and blue denim shorts. Along with her blue background, it was the perfect photo.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

9. In her birthday post

Finally, Lisa posted a heartwarming message of gratitude on Instagram the day of her birthday. She accompanied it with a photo of her in a fur coat and white crop top.

I’m finally turning 24 today!??
Unfortunately, I couldn’t be with my family this year. But I’m so lucky that I can still celebrate this together with you guys, Blinks?
Thank you for making my birthday so special every year ?
Thanks for all the wishes

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Gorgeous and kind? That’s Lisa!