BTS V goes viral as the "guy in red bandana' at the #AMAs

BTS V goes viral as the "guy in red bandana' at the #AMAs

V's stan attracting ability is insane!

Cr. Nuna V

BTS member V, who is widely recognized as the "Ultimate Stan Attractor" by k-media and fans because of his ability to allure thousands of non-fans and locals into the world of K-pop, once again goes viral following BTS's appearance on the American Music Awards.

Right after BTS appeared, locals started asking about the "guy in red bandana," who is none other than V.

"BTS V" and "KIM TAEHYUNG" became trending topics on Twitter right after V entered the red carpet.

V's searches also skyrocketed during the event reaching the highest peaks many times, showing the increasing interest among the general public. He became the most searched BTS member during the award show.

Fans also loved V's cute interactions with several artists, like Conan Gray and Giveon.

Conan Grey & Giveon became trending topics following their interaction with V.

Many verified accounts also tweeted about V and posted V focused gifs

Source: allkpop