BTS V And Jungkook Get Creative With Their “Run BTS” Dance Challenge

BTS V And Jungkook Get Creative With Their “Run BTS” Dance Challenge

The duo adds artistic touches to their dance video.

BTS has had fans captivated with their song “Run BTS” since its release in June, and they continue to prove the hype won’t fade anytime soon.

BTS performing “Run BTS” at their “Yet to Come in Busan” concert

The song was one of three new songs from the group’s anthology album, PROOF, released on June 10, 2022.

The three-CD anthology album consisted of demos, new tracks, and some of their biggest hits to celebrate the group’s ninth anniversary.

Each of the group’s new tracks was special, and “Run BTS” felt like a nostalgic song to many fans who drew comparisons between the new song and BTS’s powerful and fearless energy displayed in their early releases.

This energy translated itself into “Run BTS’s” confident lyrics and intense choreography, which many ARMYs anticipated.

The choreography was finally performed after months of anticipation during BTS’s Yet To Come In Busan concert on October 15, 2022, and certainly didn’t disappoint.

BTS’s “Run BTS” performance at their “Yet To Come In Busan” concert

The official dance practice video was released on November 13, giving fans an even closer look at the iconic choreography.

Recently, the BTS members have been promoting their “Run BTS” TikTok dance challenge. It began when J-Hope posted his solo dance challenge, followed by Jimin and Suga on BTS’s official TikTok.

Their fellow HYBE Labels artists also joined in on the fun, including TXT‘s Yeonjun, LE SSERAFIM, fromis_9‘s Seoyeon, NewJeansMinji and Haerin, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, andENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki and Jungwon

J-Hope posted a compilation of their dance challenges to his Instagram but “left” maknae Jungkook out, who had posted his own version of the dance challenge while he was in Qatar.

Jungkook took the opportunity to jokingly call J-Hope out, commenting on the compilation and asking why his video wasn’t featured.

  • Jungkook: “Why didn’t you include me, jya-hope ?
  • Jungkook: “Mine was okay too, hmm…”

BTS’s maknaes Jungkook and V took matters into their own hands and posted their own “Run BTS” challenge with a special twist.

The two posted their video, dancing with the sunset behind them. They captioned the video, “Directed by V, edited by Jungkook,” crediting the two for their skills.

The video was edited with bright and animated graphics, highlighting the two members and adding an adorable twist to the challenge.

Now that V and Jungkook have officially joined, ARMY’s are eagerly awaiting the final two hyung-line members, leader RM and Jin!

Source: Koreaboo