BTS’s V Replies Fans He Prefers Short Hair Or Long Hair

BTS’s V Replies Fans He Prefers Short Hair Or Long Hair

V also spoke on the hairstyle he would like to try in the future.

BTS‘s V has had various hairstyles throughout the years, and he’s looked great in all of them.

During a recent live broadcast, an ARMY (BTS’s fandom) asked V if he preferred having long hair or short hair.

After thinking about the question for a few seconds, V stated that his answer is constantly changing.

Currently, V would like to have short hair.

However, V also stated that he sometimes thinks about growing his hair out and getting a perm.

For V, all these thoughts vary from day to day.


BTS’s V Replies Fans Whether He Looks Like A Bear Or A Tiger

Bear or tiger?

BTS’s V turned on a surprise live stream for his birthday in order to thank fans for all the love and celebratory messages he received.

During his live stream, he played the balance game with ARMYs and was asked the question of bear or tiger. Fans have been debating a long time as to whether or not V looked more like a bear or a tiger and V was finally ready to clear things up.

He revealed that he saw more posts on Weverse about him looking like a bear, so he leaned more towards bear.

He then gave a look of confirmation before he stated, “Tiger, you’re out!”

V had officially chosen one side, making fans who were on the tiger side at a loss for words.

Before the live stream ended, a fan pleaded, “Please take back what you said about choosing bear for those that are on the tiger side.”

Being a soft soul, he concluded that he would look back on Weverse to see fans’ reasons for tiger and bear and later come to a consensus on which one he liked better.

But honestly, does it really matter if he is a bear or a tiger? Guess we will have to see what V chooses in the future!