BTS Jungkook Explains Why He Covered Up His 'Eye' Tattoo

BTS Jungkook Explains Why He Covered Up His 'Eye' Tattoo

On February 2 KST, BTS's Jungkook delighted fans by spending time doing a live via Weverse.

While many were fawning over his longer hair and his dog, netizens also took interest with his explanation of his tattoos on his hand.

Regarding his ARMY tattoo, across his knuckles, he mentioned that it was "my first one that I got. ARMY is something that I'm confident in and proud of, so it didn't make sense to put it somewhere where it couldn't be seen."

He also mentioned that he wasn't completely happy with the font because it turned out simpler than he expected, and said, "That's why I added this crown above the 'A'. I put a crown on ARMY."

While going through his many other tattoos, he pointed out one of his tattoos that he covered up. "I had an eye here, but a lot of people didn't like the eye and said it looked like the illuminati."

As expected, Jungkook's explanations sparked comments from netizens.

"I really tried not to laugh I lost it at illuminati. So unfair haha"

"He must have thought up that excuse for two years."

"Nobody said illuminati though...? I've heard some say it was a girlfriend's eye."

"How many years has it been since you got tattoos that you're finally presenting them."

"Just thankful for explaining the tattoos T_T"

Source: Allkpop