Brave Girls, aespa and More - Who Will Be Potential Summer Queens For This Year?

Brave Girls, aespa and More - Who Will Be Potential Summer Queens For This Year?

Several K-pop girl groups have made comebacks this year and are battling it out for the title of "Summer Queen." South Korean media outlet E Daily names the female artists that could be this year's summer group!

Could aespa be This Year's Summer Queens?

The first time mentioned by E Daily is fourth-generation girl group aespa!

Among newcomers, the group's sound stood out thanks to their blend of genres. Back in May, aespa released "Next Level," a remake of the OST for "Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw."


(Photo : aespa V Live)

In Gaon Chart's latest weekly chart (based on the 28th-week digital chart), "Next Level" ranked third, making it the highest-ranking among girl group songs. aespa debuted at the end of last year and has been active under the strong support of SM Entertainment.

With AI (known as ae) counterparts to the human members, the team's worldview and their unique metaverse have helped further their popularity.

Or is STAYC This Year's Summer Queen?

STAY is another fourth-generation girl group mentioned. Back in April, STAYC released "ASAP." Though the song was not released during the summer season, the song gained popularity when their promotions already ended, which was during the summer.


(Photo : STAYC Twitter)

The song experienced a reverse run, entering the chart rankings two months after the song was initially released. However, the track is still receiving praise today thanks to its exciting melody and lyrics that express finding someone that perfectly suits your ideal type.

Could Reverse Run Queens Brave Girls be This Year's Summer Queens?

Another contender for summer queen this year is Brave Girls, who gained fame after their 2017 single "Rollin' and 2020 release "We Ride" received a reverse run on the charts. The girls made their comeback with "Chi Mat Ba Ram" back in June and swept the top of several music charts.

Brave Girls

(Photo : Brave Girls Twitter)

"Chi Mat Ba Ram" ranked at number five on Gaon Chart's latest weekly chart, while "Rollin'" and "We Drive" ranked at number 13 and 21, respectively. The fact that all three songs were made by Brave Brothers, the head of Brave Entertainment, has attracted attention.

Or Maybe Laboum is The Summer Queens This Year?

Laboum ranked at number 24 on Gaon Chart's latest weekly chart with "Journey to Atlantis," which was released five years ago, proving they too can be reverse run queens. The song is gaining attention as a "hidden masterpiece" after the song was mentioned in "Hang Out With Yoo."


(Photo : Laboum Twitter)

Other Girl Groups Who Could Be This Year's Summer Queens

Other groups that could be summer queens this year include Oh My Girl and TWICE. Oh My Girl released "Dun Dun Dance" in May. The group collaborated with Ryan Jeon, who made their previous hit song "Dolphin," which heated the charts last year. "Dun Dun Dance" reached number 8 on the weekly charts, while "Dolphin" hit number 11.

Oh My Girl

(Photo : Oh My Girl Instagram)

TWICE released "Alcohol-Free" om June. On the weekly charts, "Alcohol-Free" peaked at number six. In addition, the song was popular internationally, with it peaking at number three on the Billboard US World Digital Song Sales chart.


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

It is already the last week of July, but the competition for summer queen is not over yet. Red Velvet, Dreamcatcher, Weeekly, and more are gearing up to make their comebacks. Red Velvet has explicitly already confirmed their August comeback, and the group is known for their many summer songs such as "Red Flavor," "Power Up," and "Umpah Ummah."

Red Velvet

(Photo : Red Velvet Instagram)

Weeekly swept the "Rookie of the Year" award in numerous award shows last year, has also confirmed an August comeback.


(Photo : Weeekly Twitter)

Dreamcatcher, on the other hand, will make a comeback on July 30.


(Photo : Dreamcatcher Twitter)

Who do you think is this year's summer queens?

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