BLACKPINK Lisa Drops 'LALISA' + Million Views Gained Minutes after Release

BLACKPINK Lisa Drops 'LALISA' + Million Views Gained Minutes after Release

This is it! The queen is finally back! The long wait is over for the LILIES (BLACKPINK Lisa fandom name) as Lisa finally drops her solo debut single, LALISA.

After months of waiting, BLACPINK Lisa finally shows her talent and charisma with her solo debut. It has been long anticipated by her fans and now they are ecstatic as she radiates her unique charm in LALISA music video.

BLACKPINK Lisa Solo Debut LALISA YouTube Premiere

The live countdown on YouTube has gained around 700,000 views, it shows that LILIES are already waiting for Lisa's debut. The comments section was streamed with messages of love and support for the BLACKPINK Rapper.


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Then on September 10, at 1:00 PM (KST), LALISA music video began playing, and the fans all over the world were so excited with the music video.

LALISA MV Shows BLACKPINK Lisa's Talents and Skills as a Performer

The music video begins with Lisa as she walks through different scenes just like in her teasers. Then the beginning lyrics goes on with Lisa saying "What's my name?" along with an unbeatable choreography.


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The first verse shows Lisa in a place flooded with neon lights as she sports a colorful retro outfit. It is where she wore the boots in the teaser.

In the pre-chorus part, she is seen gearing up for a ride on her motorcycle, then the chorus goes on as she rides on a wide highway during nighttime. While the scene changes with the choreography in the chorus.

The second verse features Lisa in an action scene as she leads a police operation, she holds a megaphone and the police behind her have "Polisa" written in their tactical uniform. As she raps the verse, the scene switches to her showing off her pole dancing skills.


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The third verse showcases the scene similar to BLACKPINK's "Ice Cream" single, then it transitions to the scene where she shows off her Thai roots (As she mentioned during her live).

LALISA MV gains million views minutes after its release

Just 30 minutes after its release, BLACKPINK Lisa's solo debut "LALISA" gained a total of 6,576,904 views (and counting) on YouTube.

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Her album, which just exceeded 800,000 pre-orders on September 10, which is a first history made by a K-Pop female soloist. It is also expected to have online sales that will reach more than a million.

"LALISA" could give BLACKPINK Lisa another achievement as a soloist if it reaches another remarkable milestone.

Watch BLACKPINK Lisa solo debut LALISA music video here!

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