BLACKPINK Jennie Opens Up About Her Travel Routines, New Year Wishes, And More

BLACKPINK Jennie Opens Up About Her Travel Routines, New Year Wishes, And More

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has joined Vogue Korea for a pictorial and interview!

On January 17, Vogue Korea released Jennie’s gorgeous pictorial. Jennie participated in the photo shoot in Berlin during when she was on BLACKPINK’s tour in Europe. When asked how she balances her life when she is always moving from one place to another due to her job, Jennie replied, “I felt it was important to create an environment where I could feel as comfortable and familiar as possible. So whenever I go on tour, I tend to carry a lot of luggage as if I were moving my room as it is, but amidst all things, my pillow is the most important. I make sure I bring my pillow that I always use at home even when I go overseas.”

When asked if there is something she always does when she visits particular cities, Jennie shared, “I like to go to places where I can feel the unique atmosphere of that city. Sometimes I go sightseeing landmarks or visit markets. During the Europe tour, I looked around Christmas markets in each city.”

When asked how she feels to be a role model, Jennie remarked, “Being someone’s role model is such an honor and something I’m grateful for. I hope this year will also be a year where I can set a better example for those who have supported me.”

Jennie also shared what her latest inspirations are and what kind of project she may want to commence based on those inspirations. She said, “I tend to get a lot of inspiration from the smallest things. I get inspiration from the shape of the clouds I came across that day and magazines and people I happened to see on my way. Recently, I got great inspiration from seeing various people and buildings while touring many cities in Europe.” She added, “It’s not like a project that I want to try anew, but I’d like to try filming with a film camera which I’ve been neglecting for a while.”

Jennie’s 2023 started off busy with BLACKPINK’s world tour. When asked what she wants to do this year as an “ordinary person” as she has described herself previously, Jennie answered, “Last year was really busy, and it was hectic. For this year, aside from my work, I wish it will be a year in which I take better care of myself and my people. I hope I can spend more happy and enjoyable time with the people I love.”

Check out more stunning photos of Jennie below!

Jennie’s full pictorial and interview will be available in the February issue of Vogue Korea.

Source: Soompi