Best Era of Each BLACKPINK Member, Chosen by K-Netizens

Best Era of Each BLACKPINK Member, Chosen by K-Netizens

It is quite hard to choose because BLACKPINK just look so gorgeous in every comeback... BLACKPINK members are famou...

It is quite hard to choose because BLACKPINK just look so gorgeous in every comeback...

BLACKPINK members are famous for their ability to transform through many concepts. Not only impressing with the "BLACK" concept that makes up the brand, the YG Entertainment girls also make netizens "crazy" many times because of the feminine "PINK" concept. In general, with current beauty and talent, 4 girls of BLACKPINK easily conquers many different styles and changes.


Recently, netizens discussed choosing the best era for each member. Through many promotions, each member has their own song that most clearly showing their personality and charisma in the eyes of the public. Let's see if the netizen selection is suitable for your choice!

Jisoo - "Forever Young"

In the eyes of netizens, Forever Young is the song that best suits Jisoo. Possessing a goddess beauty, it is not difficult to understand when fans are enjoying her incarnation in a fresh, energetic concept like "Forever Young". Although it is not a title track, Forever Young has the same charisma and achievement as other BLACKPINK's songs.



Even so, there are many opinions that the song was born for Jisoo. She herself has also "caused storms" globally thanks to the fancam showing off her beauty and top charisma when performing this song.

Jennie - "As If It's Your Last"

Although it stands out with a strong girl-crush style and personality, the song that makes Jennie's beauty outstanding in the eyes of netizens is "As If It's Your Last" with the concept "PINK". No one would have imagined that the female rapper can thoroughly show off her strong voice with this energetic song, with undeniable charisma.



That's why, even though this era has passed 3 years, netizens still remember this brilliant period of Jennie, after she has been tried by many other concepts by YG.

Rosé - Kill This Love

Contrary to Jennie, Rosé is famous for being the most feminine member of the BLACKPINK sisters so when "Kill This Love" was out, it made quite an impressive "transformation" for K-netizens. With the MV, "Australian rose" not only showed excellent acting ability but her beauty was greatly promoted thanks to the peak blond hair color.



And like the music video itself was not satisfied enough, Rosé once stealing fans' hearts when performing this song on stage at Coachella music festival. The main vocal of BLACKPINK made netizens fascinated with her charisma and beauty, a step to become one of the gen 3 visual goddesses no less than her sister - Jisoo.

Lisa - How You Like That

Being widely known as one of the best idols in gen 3, so there is hardly any style that makes it difficult for Lisa. However, the netizens' choice for Lisa is "How You Like That" era, the song that set a series of great records for BLACKPINK.



With the extremely intense beat that helps Lisa to express her full charisma, as well as her precise dance, this is by far her best era! She was not "swallowed" by the out-of-the-mind beat but other than that, she had a chance to show off her perfect skills under both positions, an idol and a performer.