ASTRO’s Agency Announces Closure Of Moonbin’s New Memorial Space + Clarifies False Rumors

ASTRO’s Agency Announces Closure Of Moonbin’s New Memorial Space + Clarifies False Rumors

Fantagio has announced immediate closure of the long-term memorial space for ASTRO’s Moonbin.

On December 3, ASTRO’s agency Fantagio posted on the group’s official fan cafe announcing, “Based on the opinions of AROHA (ASTRO’s official fan club name), we decided to immediately close Seonunsa Temple Moon Space (Moonbin’s memorial space) as of 8 p.m. KST on December 3.”

Moon Space was previously located at Gukcheongsa Temple near Namhansanseong, but it was recently relocated to Seonunsa Temple and was opened on December 2 for Moonbin’s fans.

However, fans, who heard about the relocation announcement, raised suspicions about the relationship between Fantagio and Seonunsa Temple and requested that the exhibition of Moonbin’s beloved items at Seonunsa Temple be stopped.

Fans claimed, “Fantagio announced that they are relocating Moonbin’s memorial space deep in the mountains, which is more than four hours away from Seoul, and will display beloved items from his lifetime. Fantagio signed a business agreement with Seonunsa Temple in September of this year.”

In response to the accusations, Fantagio explained, “Fantagio has not entered into any kind of agreement or contract with Seonunsa and has no financial interest whatsoever.”

They continued, “The reason for relocating the Moon Space from Gukcheongsa Temple to Seonunsa Temple was due to safety concerns for visitors in the winter and for enshrining a permanent memorial tablet for Moonbin. We decided to relocate because Gukcheongsa Temple is a branch temple belonging to Seonunsa Temple.”

The agency further explained, “Our agency’s executives and employees went to Seonunsa Temple and carefully prepared the memorial space by hand for several days out of love for Moonbin. Please do not distort and falsely instigate the feelings of Fantagio’s executives and employees toward Moonbin.”

They added, “We plan to take strong legal action against the circulation of false rumors in the future.”