ASTRO Cha Eun Woo & Sanha leave letters for Moonbin at his memorial space

ASTRO Cha Eun Woo & Sanha leave letters for Moonbin at his memorial space

After a visit by Billlie's Sua, ASTRO members Jinjin, MJ, Seventeen's Seungkwan, and others, more of Moonbin's closest acquaintances paid a visit to the idol's memorial space prepared outside the Fantagio building on April 25 KST, leaving their personal thoughts and messages to their dear friend.

Fellow ASTRO member Sanha, who was also active in the unit Moonbin & Sanha, wrote,

"Hyung, are you well? I miss you so much. Your image still lingers in front of my eyes. I know if I show such a weak side, you'll give me a scolding, but just let me stay like this a little longer. I promise to be happy, just like you told me to. I'll keep that promise for certain. Know that I love you a lot, and I love you."

Yet another ASTRO member, Cha Eun Woo, wrote in a deeply personal letter,

"Bin-ah. I really miss you tonight. You bad friend. I couldn't sleep so Sanha and I came by on a little walk. Are you getting some good sleep? All of those things I used to do with you, the most ordinary things, the most trivial things, I miss it all so much and I regret it all so much... In your moon world, be some hundred times happier. Everything you left behind, I'll take care of it and shoulder it in your place, so don't worry too much. You worked hard. I love you and I'm sorry, my friend."

Another good friend of Moonbin, Seventeen's Mingyu, came by and left a message which read,

"Bin-ah, hello. I got a chance to come by your company building because of you. The biggest memory that I have is that day when we talked until morning. Do you remember it! To you, who just had so many worries and concerns, all I could say was... where else in the world is there an idol who is as good at everything as you... I'll work harder too. You don't have to feel any more pain, just smile from now on. I'm sorry. You did well, friend. When I see you again, I'll buy you fish cake soup and soju! Cheer on your members from afar. My favorite song is 'Waterfall'. Let's be happy, friend."

The memorial space prepared outside Fantagio's building will remain open to the public until April 30. All artifacts left in honor of Moonbin will be collected for safekeeping by his agency afterward.

Source: Allkpop