Another ENHYPEN Member Tests Positive of COVID-19 + News of Other Members' Quarantine

Another ENHYPEN Member Tests Positive of COVID-19 + News of Other Members' Quarantine

ENHYPEN member Ni-ki tests positive of COVID-19 during the group's self-isolation.

6 out of 7 Members of ENHYPEN are Positive of COVID-19, Now in Quarantine

Belift Lab, ENHYPEN's agency, stated on September 5 that Ni-ki tested positive for COVID-19 during their self-isolation. The agency stated that he is now self-isolating in a separate space, undergoing self-diagnosis and is taking PCR tests everyday to check his health.

The agency continued that they are currently going to a treatment facility in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities, and their symptoms are only mild.

ENHYPEN protectively went into self-quarantine from August 26 following the confirmation of the number of people at the filming site.

Then, on August 27, it was classified as a self-isolation target because of a close contact with COVID-19 by the quarantine authorities.


(Photo : ENHYPEN Facebook)

But, during the quarantine, Jake showed symptoms of cough and fever on August 29. The incident was immediately reported to the public health center, and conducted a first PCR test.

After that, Jeongwon, Heeseung, J, and Sunghoon also showed the same symptoms on August 30 and they also performed PCR tests and their tests turned out positive of COVID - 19.

Jake then posted on Enhypen's official SNS on September 5 saying that he is all good and just chilling. He said that he misses his co-members and fans so much. He posted this along with an image of a laptop playing music on an online music platform. His silhouette can be seen on the screen as he makes a "peace" sign.

K-Pop Artists Get infected with COVID-19

South Korea handles the global pandemic quite well, however, the K-Pop industry had a rough few months. Now, many K-pop idols have tested positive for COVID-19. They have already recovered, but many are still undergoing self-isolation.

N.Flying's agency, FNC Entertainment, stated on September 3 that three of the group's members, Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hoe Seung, and Seo Dong Seong are positive of COVID-19.

N.Flying, a powerful band sound that will fly in the moonlight

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On August 28, Starship Entertainment announced that An Yu Jin and Jang Won Young received news that their schedules were renewed because an external staff member had been tested positive for COVID-19.

On August 29, An Yu Jin's PCR test result turned out negative. Meanwhile, Jang Won Young's test came out positive for the virus.

Ahn Yu Jin and Jang Won Young

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Jang Won Young is taking the mandatory measures according to the disease control department's guidelines and is now in self-quarantine.

Meanwhile, last August 17, Mnet announced that the episode of "M Countdown" has been cancelled but will be moved because its production team tested positive of the COVID-19. It has been confirmed that the production director in charge of "M Countdown" has been infected with COVID-19.

EXO member Xiumin, whose real name is Kim Minseok, also tested for COVID-19. His condition has been confirmed by the group's agency, SM Entertainment.

EXO Xiumin

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The agency explained that Xiumin received a COVID-19 PCR test before practicing for his musical and then it came out negative. However, he received another PCR test because he showed symptoms that indicate changes to his health, and it came out positive.

Fortunately on August 22, SM Entertainment stated that Xiumin has been cured from COVID-19.

Source: kpopstarz