Alicia Keys Shares Short Cover of BTS "Life Goes On" and Fans Demand For Full Ver Soon

Alicia Keys Shares Short Cover of BTS "Life Goes On" and Fans Demand For Full Ver Soon

Alicia Keys X BTS collab soon maybe?

Singer Alicia Keys recently dropped a short cover on Twitter and gave fans a pleasant surprise!

She starts off the video by saying, “I bet ya’ll didn’t think I would play this one. Tell me if you know it.” She then sings her own version of BTS‘s new song, “Life Goes On” using the English translation of the Korean lyrics.

Her mesmerizing voice along with the piano gave a different yet soothing vibe and had fans wanting a full version of it!

Previously, V posted a video online with Alicia Keys’ song “Love Looks Better” as the background music.

Keys shared the tweet and thanked him for the love and supported their new album.

Who else is loving these amazing interactions of support between the artists? Can we get an Alicia Keys and BTS collaboration sometime soon please?


Let's Check out The List Of BTS's First Award Since Their Debut Before Receiving Grammy Nomination

This is the first time any K-Pop group had received such a prestigious nomination, making it a historical moment for K-Pop fans from all over the world.

At the first start, BTS is not a popular group and it took them a lot of effort and hard work before reaching where they are now. With that being said, it might be interesting to take a look at their journey with their 'first' awards since their debut in 2013.

1. 2013 - First award 'Rookie Of The Year' on Golden Disc Awards

2. 2015 - First 'Bonsang' from Golden Disc Awards

3. 2015 - First music win with 'I Need U' on "THE SHOW"

4. 2016 - First 'Daesang' on Melon Music Awards

5. 2017 - First Billboard award 'Top Social Artist'

6. 2018 - First Billboard number 1 on "Billboard 200"

7. 2019 - First Billboard award 'Top Duo/Group'

8. 2020 - First Billboard number 1 on "Billboard Hot 100"

9. 2020 - First Grammy nomination