aespa Karina Garners Attention For Her Unexpected Weight Loss

aespa Karina Garners Attention For Her Unexpected Weight Loss

Has aespa's Karina suddenly lost weight?

On an online community forum, netizens discussed the aespa member's 'recent weight loss' with a post titled "I mean, why did Karina lose so much weight??"

The photos discussing Karina were media-taken photos from the '12th Circle Chart Music Awards.' Dressed in a preppy school look, Karina displayed her long hair and physique while performing on stage.

The uploader of the post added, "She already had such a small face but not it's about to disappear. What's happening."

In the comments section, netizens agreed that there has been a significant change in her weight, and that member Ningning (in the back) "also seems to have lost so much weight."

More reactions include:

"Now she looks even more like A.I......"
"She really lost a lot of weight this time"
"They are all at their peak moments right now...they are dieting like crazy"
"Such an AI"
"How can someone's face be that small??"
"Her face is like the size of my fist"
"Looks like a princess"
"I can't believe how thin idols can get even thinner"
"Karina's face was really pretty this day though"
"Karina has a thin body compared to her height, too"

Source: Allkpop