90 Idols Chose Their “Coolest Performance” They Have Seen And BLACKPINK, BTS Are At Top

90 Idols Chose Their “Coolest Performance” They Have Seen And BLACKPINK, BTS Are At Top

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On a profile segment for Weekly Idol, 90 active idols were surveyed for the performance they think is the coolest one! While some took the safe way to wrote down their company juniors or seniors, some went so honestly! Check out the answers below, arranged by group!


  • Sowon: “ITZY friends”
  • Yerin: “Girls’ Generation sunbaenim‘s “Lion Heart””
  • Eunha:”EVERGLOW‘s “La Di Da” is so good!”
  • Yuju: “Stray Kids‘ “God’s Menu””
  • SinB: “ITZY! They’re so pretty and cool. I love them!”
  • Umji: “WEKI MEKI‘s “Cool””


  • Shownu: “Stray Kids, BTS“
  • Minhyuk: “Moonbin, Sanha“
  • Kihyun: “MONSTA X Shownu’s “Bad Guy””
  • Hyungwon: “SEVENTEEN“
  • Jooheon: “All of MONSTA X’s performances”
  • I.M: “Moonbin and Sanha”

3. TXT

  • Soobin: “THE BOYZ sunbaenim‘s “The Stealer””
  • Yeonjun: “Stray Kids”
  • Beomgyu: “DAY6‘s “Sweet Chaos””
  • Taehyun: “BTS sunbaenim‘s “IDOL” on Jimmy Fallon at the Gyungbokgung Palaces”
  • Huening Kai: “TXT”


  • Chaesol: “Lovelyz sunbaenim‘s “Obliviate” and OH MY GIRL sunbaenim‘s “Non-stop””
  • Jiwon: “YooA sunbaenim‘s “Bon Voyage” and ZE:A sunbaenim‘s “Aftereffect””
  • YeA: “190220 ITZY sunbaenim‘s “DALLA DALLA” on Show Champion and YooA sunbaenim‘s “Bon Voyage” all performances are legendary”
  • Sun: “GFRIEND sunbaenim‘s “Apple””
  • Celine: “EVERGLOW sunbaenim‘s “La Di Da” and I&S sunbaenim‘s “Naughty””
  • Belle: “all of BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s performances”
  • Semi: “Super Junior sunbaenim‘s “Devil”, BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That”, EVERGLOW sunbaenim‘s “La Di Da””

5. WEi

  • Daehyun: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Donghan: “ATEEZ‘s “Thanxx””
  • Yongha: “Taemin sunbaenim‘s “Criminal””
  • Yohan: “BTS’s “Dynamite””
  • Seokhwa: “Baekhyun sunbaenim‘s “Candy””
  • Junseo: “ATEEZ sunbaenim‘s “Answer””

6. Stray Kids

  • Bangchan: “MCND‘s “Ice Age””
  • Lee Know: “Every single idol is cool but Park Jin Young PD’s “When We Disco” is the coolest”
  • Changbin: “MCND’s “NaNaNa” and ATEEZ’s “Thanxx””
  • Hyunjin: “BTS sunbaenim‘s “Dynamite””
  • Han: “I&S sunbaenim‘s “Monster” is a song that has a really cool performance”
  • Felix: “Park Jin Young PD’s “When We Disco””
  • Seungmin: “EXO sunbaenim‘s “Monster” and Baekhyun sunbaenim‘s “UN Village”

7. Lovelyz

  • Baby Soul: “ITZY’s “Wanna Be””
  • Yoo Jiae: “Ryu Sujeong‘s “Tiger Eyes” and Rocket Punch“
  • Seo Jisoo: “Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” and ITZY’s “Not Shy””
  • Mijoo: “Ryu Sujeong’s “Tiger Eyes””
  • Kei: “SSAK3‘s “To The Sea Again””
  • Jin: “SSAK3 and Ryu Sujeong’s “Tiger Eyes””
  • Sujeong: “Rocket Punch”
  • Yein: “Rocket Punch’s “Juicy” is super cute”


  • Serim: “MONSTA X sunbaenim‘s “FANTASIA””
  • Allen: “MONSTA X sunbaenim‘s “FANTASIA””
  • Jungmo: “GOT7 sunbaenim‘s “Not By The Moon””
  • Woobin: “MONSTA X sunbaenim‘s “Follow””
  • Wonjin: “BTS Jimin sunbaenim‘s “I Need You” solo stage during 2019’s MMAs“
  • Minhee:”MONSTA X sunbaenim‘s “FANTASIA””
  • Hyungjoon: “Stray Kids sunbaenim‘s “God’s Menu””
  • Taeyoung:”Stray Kids sunbaenim‘s “God’s Menu””
  • Sungmin:”Stray Kids sunbaenim‘s “God’s Menu””


  • Hyunsuk: “Park Jin Young PD’s “When We Disco”, iKON sunbaenim‘s “Ah Yeah”, BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Jihoon: “ITZY sunbaenim‘s “Not Shy””
  • Yoshi: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Junkyu: “GD, Taeyang sunbaenim‘s “Good Boy” – I watch it every day at least once. Girls’ Generation sunbaenim‘s “Into The New World” too”
  • Mashiho: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Jaehyuk: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Asahi: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “How You Like That””
  • Bang Yedam: “(G)I-DLE‘s “I Love You”, Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” and “BLACKPINK “Don’t Know What To Do””
  • Doyoung: “iKON’s “Love Scenario””
  • Haruto: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “So Hot””
  • Jungwoo: “BLACKPINK sunbaenim‘s “So Hot””
  • Junghwan: “ITZY’s “Not Shy””

10. CLC

  • Seunghee: “CLC. I felt this while preparing for the comeback, sigh”
  • Yoojin: “ITZY”
  • Seungyeon: “ATEEZ, Chungha, SSAK3″
  • Sorn: “BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That””
  • Yeeun: “SSAK3, Jessi sunbaenim“
  • Elkie: “TWICE’s “More & More””
  • Eunbin: “2PM‘s “ADTOY” and Chungha’s “Play””

11. ITZY

  • Yeji: “SSAK3 – they’s overflowing with passion and have this aura. They’re super cool!”
  • Lia: “(G)I-DLE’s “DUMDi DUMDi”, BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”, Sunmi‘s “pporappipam”
  • Ryujin: “I&S sunbaenim‘s “Naughty””
  • Chaeryung: “SSAK3’s “To The Sea Again””
  • Yuna: “I&S sunbaenim‘s “Monster””


  • Sangyeon: “BTS sunbaenim‘s “Dynamite””
  • Jacob: “ATEEZ’s “Thanxx””
  • Younghoon: “BTS sunbaenim‘s “Dynamite””
  • Hyunjae: “EXO sunbaenim‘s “Lotto””
  • Jooyeon: “BTS sunbaenim‘s “Dynamite””
  • Kevin: “BTS sunbaenim‘s VMA Awards Stage”
  • New: “Q and Jooyeon’s “A To Boyz””
  • Q: “Chungha sunbaenim‘s “Play””
  • Haknyeon: “Kai sunbaenim‘s rose choreography stage”
  • Sunwoo: “Q and Jooyeon’s “A To Boyz””
  • Eric: “SSAK3’s “To the Sea Again””

Summary, BLACKPINK was chosen 13 times, and BTS was chosen 9 times! Stray Kids was also chosen 8 times and ITZY 8 times too.