9 Super-Synchronized K-Pop Choreographies That Are Just So Satisfying

9 Super-Synchronized K-Pop Choreographies That Are Just So Satisfying

Synchronization isn’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to dance, but you have to admit that there’s something that is just so satisfying about it!

When the performers can perfectly match up their moves, the effect is amazing. Here are just a few examples of K-pop choreographies with wow-worthy synchronization.


When it comes to synchronization in K-pop, SEVENTEEN reigns supreme! It takes a lot of skill and practice to get 13 members of varying heights to line up step-for-step, but they manage to do it. “_WORLD” may not be the most difficult choreography they’ve ever done (some of them are crazy!), but it’s so satisfying to watch.


ITZY came out of the gate strong with their very first release—their debut title track “DALLA DALLA” features some fast, high-energy choreography, and they nailed it! Every beat is in sync, and every move from start to finish is so perfectly matched up that you might start to wonder if it’s even possible to be so synchronized.

THE BOYZ – “The Stealer”

You can tell right from the wave at the beginning that this choreography is locked in! Every step is so precise that you can hear the members’ shoes squeaking in perfect time with each other, and not one member out of 11 is out of time. Plus, the choreo for “The Stealer” features some difficult trick moves—and they still manage to stay in sync!


It’s hard to get any choreography perfectly synchronized, but it’s even more impressive when props get thrown into the mix! This version of “FEARLESS” was created for the 2022 KBS Song Festival, an end-of-year awards show from last year, and the members are so well matched up that it’s awe-inducing. From the beginning to the final dance break, it’s flawless!

Stray Kids – “DOMINO”

If you watch Stray Kids’ stages regularly, you know that they love to have fun when they’re performing. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to work hard though because their choreo is seriously in sync! “DOMINO” is so locked in that when one member is standing in front, you can hardly see the person behind them.

Kep1er – “Up!”

The choreography for “Up!” is pretty difficult, with a lot of precise upper body movements that need to be perfectly timed. The members of Kep1er have it down perfectly though—they even make it look easy! The chorus is especially satisfying to watch, with the wave motion that is so synchronized that it’s mind-blowing.

TXT – “Blue Orangeade”

From TXT’s debut album, “Blue Orangeade” is an upbeat track with some really high-energy choreo. There are plenty of jumps in various TXT choreographies, but this song seems especially intense—which makes it even more impressive that they manage to stay in time with each other so perfectly!


The choreography for “I CAN’T STOP ME” is great, but there’s something so special about the way that the TWICE members perform it. Everything down to the placement of their hands is flawlessly synchronized, and the clock formation in the pre-chorus is the most replayed part of the video for a reason. It’s so satisfying!


Even just the footwork from “DNA” is seriously impressive—not to mention the intricate upper body motions or the number of formation changes! It’s crazy how well the members of BTS stay synchronized throughout the whole song, and it’s so satisfying to watch. It’s complex and high-energy, but they make it look like a piece of cake!

Source: Soompi