9 Successful K-Pop Idols Who Grew Up In Poverty

9 Successful K-Pop Idols Who Grew Up In Poverty

Number 1’s house got infested with cockroaches.

K-Pop idols come from many different backgrounds, where some of them grew up in extremely difficult circumstances. Here are 9 K-Pop idols who grew up in poverty, but still found a way to have successful careers.

1. IU

In IU‘s early days, she had to live with her grandmother due to her family getting into debt. IU’s grandmother did the best that she could to provide for IU and her younger brother, but she wasn’t able to provide too much. Her grandmother’s home even became infested with cockroaches.

IU even failed multiple auditions, where not many people saw her talents. It ended up all working out, as IU is now considered one of the top solo artists in Korea.

2. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Taeyang had a rough childhood, where his family even struggled to provide him with food. These hardships were one of the reasons Taeyang was so determined to become a singer, as he wanted to help his family. Taeyang eventually debuted as a member of BIGBANG and is now considered a K-Pop legend.

3. Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Sunggyu didn’t grow up in the greatest environment, where his parents were against his dreams of becoming a singer. His family also struggled financially, where he would even have to occasionally live at his friend’s house. It also took him many auditions before getting accepted as a trainee, but he eventually got accepted to Woollim Entertainment. This is where he debuted as the leader of INFINITE.

4. Sandara (Dara) Park

Dara moved to the Philippines in her early childhood due to her family’s financial situation. Her father also had a secret second family in Korea and eventually abandoned Dara’s family. Dara’s father also took all their money, which motivated Dara to become successful. Dara soon became an actress and singer in the Philippines, and eventually debuted as a member of 2NE1 when she moved back to Korea.

5. U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

Yunho‘s family struggled financially, where they were even kicked out of their home. Yunho’s family even had to occasionally sleep in the train stations. Yunho’s parents were also against him becoming a singer, so he had work multiple part-time jobs to provide for his dreams. Everything ended up working out, as Yunho got accepted to SM Entertainment and became a member of TVXQ.

6. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Eunhyuk‘s family struggled financially, to the point where Eunhyuk’s house didn’t even have a toilet. Eunhyuk eventually became interested in street performing as a child, which led to his love of dancing. This led to Eunhyuk eventually getting accepted by SM Entertainment, which is where he debuted as a member of Super Junior.

7. Kim Sejeong (formerly gugudan)

Despite her smiling image, Kim Sejeong is another idol that grew up in poverty. She even told the story of how she struggled to get food when she was younger. Kim Sejeong is now known for her great talents, fun personality, bubbly image, as well as many other things.

8. V (BTS)

V might now be known as a global star, but he didn’t have the easiest beginnings. V originally thought that he was going to be a farmer, where he never imagined that he would become famous. V followed his friend to an audition, where V wasn’t even going to audition. V ended up auditioning anyways, and the rest is history.

9. Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk might not be an idol, but he also had a tough childhood. Seo In Guk’s mother would even collect cardboard boxes just so she could provide some food for the family. Seo In Guk is now a top-level star, where he’s praised for both his singing and acting.

Source: Koreaboo