9 K-Pop MVs With Strong Gothic Vibes That Are Haunting AF

9 K-Pop MVs With Strong Gothic Vibes That Are Haunting AF

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in K-pop, another concept sees the light of day.

Paradoxically, the theme is dark and sometimes crowned with gothic vibes. This genre is not new to K-pop as we’ve witnessed it before a fair share of times over a decade ago. Luckily, this hasn’t stopped it from resurfacing every now and then with spooky storylines that range from psychological thrillers all the way to witchcraft.

Featuring some of the most haunting videographies to date, here are nine dark K-pop music videos with gothic vibes.

1. VIXX – “hyde”

VIXX took on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and reproduced it with their own dark twist. Some of the intriguing details include the black-feathered angel wings, the switch between black and white outfits to represent Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde, and the overall spine-chilling stage.

2. Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi – “Monster”

These fine ladies have stepped away from Red Velvet’s usual colorful concept and joined the dark side in this goosebump-worthy music video. From outfits to makeup, Irene and Seulgi embrace their inner goth that expresses itself vividly through both the lyrics and the choreography.

3. TXT – “Good Boy Gone Bad”

Black looks so good on TXT, and this mature concept puts them under a completely different (and breathtaking) light. The spooky cemetery, the vampire-like makeup, and the rebellious attitude all emphasize the boys’ gothic spirit up until the very last frame.

4. Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me”

Dreamcatcher’s concept has always been predominantly sinister, but “Chase Me” remains their freakiest music video to date. Ritual robes, ominous seances, creepy dolls, haunted hallways, and candles everywhere: could this get any darker?

5. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon – “COUP D’ETAT”

A red, white, and black palette is G-Dragon’s color of choice for this revolutionary videography. While the music video portrays various representations of a coup, the artist’s attire is straight out of goth town with his thick black eyeliner, chaotic mullet, and eerie performance.

6. 2NE1 – “IT HURTS”

In this poignant clip, 2NE1 went all in. The creepy attic, the death-based dining table, and the overall melancholic vibe of the music video together complement the quartet’s goth-inspired wardrobe and makeup without fault.

7. BTS’s J-Hope – “MORE”

I’m so used to J-Hope being all bubbly that his rock solo concept took me by surprise. The rapper channels an edgy style through his black and white jumpers, jester accessories, and emo makeup. Furthermore, his energy throughout the music video screams “goth.”

8. (G)I-DLE – “Oh my god”

The members’ first attempt at a dark concept may have been different from what we’re used to. Still, it has proven to be fruitful with this aesthetically pleasing music video where any sign of goth lies mainly in the girls’ looks and during the choreography parts.


ONEUS is surreal in this chilling adaptation of Hamlet’s “TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” Everything in this visual masterpiece borrows from the gothic trope: blood baths, gloomy scenes, and fitting costumes. Finally, the powerful choreography crowns it all.

Honorable mentions:

Dahye – “Bad Blood”

Sunmi – “Full Moon”

PURPLE KISS – “Can We Talk Again”

Pink Fantasy – “Tales of the Unusual”

Source: Soompi