9 Chill SHINee Songs To Listen To If You Feel Like Reminiscing

9 Chill SHINee Songs To Listen To If You Feel Like Reminiscing

There’s nothing like a nice relaxing day off with the older tunes of SHINee playing in the background.

In fact, some SHINee songs are so chill that you don’t even really need a day off for these songs to make you fall into that slow-paced mood of relaxation. Here are nine SHINee songs to listen to that will surely make you reminisce.

1. “Honesty”

The sweet picking of the guitar throughout this song provides for a warm and feel-good atmosphere. It’s the type of song that you could listen to while sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee as the worries of the day melt away. And when you have all the members individually singing a verse, you can’t help but smile at hearing the earnestness of even the rappers giving it their all in this song.

2. “An Encore”

The beginning of this song starts with the sweet melodious tone of Jonghyun’s vocals. The song’s tempo and melody are sweet and rhythmic, giving listeners the urge to want to sway while listening to it. Plus, Taemin’s build-up to the emotional chorus is perfection, and you’ll feel the warmth of the members through it!

3. “Symptoms”

This song is so emotionally pulling with its meaning along with the singing of the higher range of vocals. With the song talking about being sick with love over a crush, it takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster of feelings. It is like a true love letter in the form of singing, which really touches the heart.

4. “Don’t Let Me Go”

The lo-fi vibes of this song will bring you into an ethereal level of relaxation. It’s easy to picture yourself relaxing on the couch and listening to this song while de-stressing from the day. Minho’s rap will also make you want to bob your head, and you can also totally picture him and his big dark eyes! Can we also mention how catchy Key’s rap line is in this song?

5. “Your Name”

From their album “Lucifer,” “Your Name” is the song that sticks out for being chill. It’s got a bright and positive sound that feels like a warm hug, and the chorus declaring to “call me, my name” would put a smile on any fan’s heart!

6. “Beautiful Life”

Count on SHINee to bring you a song about how beautiful life is while also making you swoon over their vocals. Off of their “1 and 1” album, which is a repackaged version of their fifth studio album, the lyrics for this song were written by leader Onew. It’s a slower paced song that really showcases the vocal range of the group, providing a sentimental connection with their fans and listeners!

7. “Selene 6.23”

Taken off their third album titled “Misconceptions of Us,” this is a special song as it is dedicated to all the international Shawols. They wanted the song to connect them to their fans who are far away from them. It’s a chill song in that it will relax you, but it will also provide a good reminder that SHINee is always thinking of their fans. So touching!

8. “U & I”

This one is not a group song, but it is off of Jonghyun’s solo album titled “Story Op.1.” It is one that is worth mentioning because it’s just that good. With the snapping in the background and staccato singing of the lyrics, this song brings to mind the picture of a perfect sunset. The adorable line “U & I” repeated throughout the chorus will touch your heart, giving some serious butterflies!

9. “Our Page”

Another song taken off their “The Story of Light” album, “Our Page” is one song that is so uplifting and perfect, you’ll find yourself smiling throughout it. The song was composed by the members of the group and is dedicated to their member Jonghyun. The build up of the uplifting chorus provides such a calming yet emotional experience that will surely put this one on repeat. Count on SHINee to have you smiling and tearing up at the same time!

Source: Soompi