8 Stars With The Best Gummy Smiles To Warm Up Your Day

8 Stars With The Best Gummy Smiles To Warm Up Your Day

A smile can tell a lot about a person's personality. In South Korea, gummy smiles are not seen as an attractive feature.

However, many stars today are breaking that beauty standard as they rightfully should because gummy smiles are one of the best kinds of smiles out there! So here are eight stars who aren't afraid to show their gums. Their gummy smiles will warm up your day during this chilly season!

1. TWICE Nayeon: Of course, we cannot forget one of the great gummy smiles around! If her beauty wasn't enough, add on top of that a smile that embraces such happiness, and you can't help but smile along with her!

2. BTS SUGA: If you're able to make SUGA smile, congrats! Because it is a difficult feat, often known for having a more serious face, in the rare instances that SUGA does smile, it feels like a great reward! He becomes a complete cinnamon roll any time he smiles!

3. MAMAMOO Solar: Energetic like a beagle, her gummy smile only enhances the fun, enthusiastic personality that is unique to Solar!

4. Girl's Day Minah: Minah is the epitome of loveliness, from her personality to her voice and, of course, her smile! If you see Minah's smile, you're sure to take a second glance!

5. (G)I-DLE Soyeon: Many may get the wrong impression of Soyeon because of how fierce and charismatic she is on stage, but don't let that fool you, for she's the complete opposite; in reality, just look at how innocent and kind her smile looks! Her smile shows just how young at heart she is!

6. EXO D.O: Charming in his own way, D.O exudes boy next-door vibes every time he shines his smile! With much warmth and comfort, if you're having a bad day, you can ensure that D.O.'s smile can make it better!

7. Seventeen S.Coups: What makes S.Coups more attractive than he already is are his contrasting features! With charismatic eyes and a great, adorable smile, he uniquely makes it work, giving off a very chill, laid-back vibe to him!

8. BLACKPINK Jennie: What makes Jennie's smile one of the best, comforting smiles isn't her pearly whites, but her squishy bread cheeks that appear! Can she become even more adorable?

It's great to see stars, whom many take as their role model, be able to be confident in their own skin and embrace some of the best parts of themselves!

Source: Allkpop