8 K-Pop Idols Who Were The Victims Of Bullying

8 K-Pop Idols Who Were The Victims Of Bullying

Number 4 even got spat at.

Being a victim of bullying can be one of the most traumatizing experiences someone can go through, especially at a young age. K-Pop idols are no different, as many of them have been victims of bullying as well. Here are 8 K-Pop idols who were the victims of bullying.

1. Kang Daniel

Despite his smiling image, Kang Daniel has been bullied for looks in the past.

Daniel didn’t let it affect him too much, as he now focuses on his career.

2. Park Hyung Sik (ZE:A)

Park Hyung Sik once revealed that he was bullied during his time as a trainee. In his previous company, the other trainees ostracized him and made Hyung Sik do everything alone. It wasn’t until Hyung Sik switched companies that he received warmth from other trainees.

3. Holland

Holland made a brave decision by becoming South Korea’s first openly gay idol. He also revealed that he was the victim of bullying in middle school, as many people bothered him. Holland didn’t let this affect him too much, as he knew that he wasn’t a bad person.

4. Eric Nam

Eric Nam might not be an idol, but he experienced some harsh experiences while growing up in the United States. Eric Nam was the only Asian at his school, so someone decided to spit at him.

Eric Nam didn’t fight back as he knew that could make the situation potentially worse.

5. V (BTS)

V is another idol that has been a victim of bullying, but he was bullied by a “friend”. His friend once told V to come to his birthday party, but purposefully gave him the wrong address. V ended up waiting for a few hours, but nobody came. The friend later apologized to V and told him that he bullied him because he was jealous.

6. Jeon Somi

Somi once tearfully revealed that she had a hard time during school because people bullied her for being biracial. It got the point where Somi confronted her bullies to stop.

7. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

G-Dragon became a celebrity when he was quite young, so this prompted some students to target him during school. They would bother him by bombarding him with questions, even though it made him uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until Taeyang came that the bullies stopped bothering G-Dragon.

8. Yoojung (Weki Meki)

Yoojung has admitted that she was bullied a little during her middle school days.

The bullying soon stopped once the bullies came up to her.

Source: Koreaboo